Review: Misplaced Hands by Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper

Misplaced Hands by Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper
Series: Foreign Affairs (# 4)
Release Date: April 24, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages:  141
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

A “life swap” with her Australian friend finds Harper on Farpoint Creek Cattle Station, resident teacher for the next two weeks. Having rarely left Chicago, she’s unprepared for many things Down Under—not the least of which is an instant, and instantly intense, attraction to not one, but two Aussie cowboys. She’d promised herself an adventure, so when the handsome pair come calling, Harper dives in. Literally.

Stockmen Keith and Marc are head over heels in lust with the American teacher, though the attraction brings about some surprising revelations. Such as how right it feels to share a woman. This woman. No jealousy between the lifelong mates, just a burning need to bring Harper pleasure. Together. And they do so—until an unsettling event unearths her tragic revelation.

Between Harper’s inability to confide in the men and her stay at Farpoint racing to an end, it seems inevitable their loving ménage will soon break apart. Doesn’t it?

Inside Scoop: This story has a very brief recollection of child abuse. Good thing Harper has two strong stockmen to chase away bad memories.


Review: Hot!  Intense!  Incredible!  Those are the first words that come to mind when I think of how to describe Misplaced Hands, book four in the Foreign Affairs series by Lexxie Couper and Mari Carr.  Amazingly each and every one of these stories in this series just got better and better.  I loved them all but if I had to pick just one of these four books as my favorite, I would have to pick this one.  This entire series was highly addictive and I suffered a lot of sleepless nights as I couldn’t put them.

Harper “life swaps” with her Australian friend, Amy, and finds herself as a teacher on a cattle station.  I really liked Harper’s character.  Having an overprotective brother, she really has not ventured too far into life.  It was enjoyable watching her come of her shell now that she was on her own.  I adored Keith and Marc, the two heroes in the story.  They were protective of Harper but romantic and adoring as well.

As with the other three books in the series, this story certainly is not lacking anything in the heat department.  Wowza it is hot!  With two heroes, ménage is common place in this book.

I loved being able to visit with our friends from the previous books in the series as well.

As much as I couldn’t put these stories down and find out how everything turns out, I am sorry to see this wonderful series come to an end.  I loved each and every one and also enjoyed catching up with old friends from past stories.