Review: Mine To Chase by Laurann Dohner

Mine To Chase by Laurann Dohner
Release Date: January 25, 2013
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 93
Source:  book purchased for review

Jasmine met the guy of her dreams, who unfortunately wasn’t interested. She’s spent a year filled with lustful fantasies and soul-deep yearning for a man who doesn’t want her. Now she’s locked away in a dark hole, kidnapped by a madman, her life almost over. She’ll never know what could have been, if only he’d felt the same.

She was supposed to be his a year ago, but Chase had walked away to protect her from his world. He’s a mixed-breed—vampire and werewolf—and his list of enemies is endless. His current mission is to hunt down and kill a rogue vamp who’s preying on humans, but what Chase finds changes everything. Jasmine’s one of the victims. Instinct demands he protect her, possess her. He won’t be denied again. This time, she’s his—for keeps.

Review:  Jasmine showed Chase a house and land one night and since then she has had feelings for him. Only thing is as much as she tried to show him she was interested he wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Seemed like he couldn’t get away fast enough. So when she is kidnapped by a vampire, she dreams about Chase to keep going day to day. Just when she is about to die she is saved by Chase. Chase is a mix between werewolf and vampire. He knows that if he brings Jasmine into his world something could happen to her. He has a lot of enemies.

Every time that I read a book by this author I keep an open mind because I never know what will happen or what I will be reading about. I love vampires and I read everything about them. What I am doing now is trying to pick between this book and the New Species Series. I fall in love with every book this author writes and I am never disappointed. In this book I just got so into it and then I reach the end. I found out that it wasn’t as long as her other books are. That is the only thing I didn’t like about this book. It was just too short. I feel in love with Chase. He is the kind of man I would want for myself.

I don’t know if this is going to be a new series or if she is just writing one book. I hope there is going to be more. That way I won’t go so crazy waiting on her next book because she will have others for me to read. There is just something about the way Laurann writes that I love. You always know something is going to happen and all of her males are alpha and are very jealous of their women. You also know that the sex scenes will be hot and explosive. I just can’t get enough of this author. I wouldn’t have ever found her books if I hadn’t started writing reviews. So RtB helped me find a wonderful author as well as helping me find something that I love to do.

If you love erotic reads about paranormals then you really need to try this author out.