Review: In Training by India Masters

In Training by India Masters
Release Date: April 18, 2012 (reprint)
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 58
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Her life after years of being away at war, resumes his seat at the helm of Rochan Shipping then hands her over to Barik Lugaren. Lugaren specializes in training women to conform to Elecian custom, which dictates that women please their husbands—and their guests—in any and every sexual manner.Athena has no choice. Either she cooperates with Lugaren’s training or her father will disown her and she’ll never see her mother again. She has ninety days to learn to please Lugaren, with her tongue, her lips and every other part of her body. Then he brings his friends so she can demonstrate her skill, and they can show her that pleasure can be a two-way street. Or three, or four…


Review: Athena was in charge of her father’s shipping company while he was away at war. She got used to being her own boss and having freedom. When her father gets back he demands that she do as he says or she will never see her mother again. She doesn’t understand the Elecian customs and thinks they are barbaric. She is made to sign a contract with Barik Lugaren and do as he says when he says it and never complain. In her customs the women have to do as the husband says and they are made to service male guests.

This was a really hot and exciting read.  You are a man who is used to teaching girls how to please their husbands and guests. I was taken on a sexual delight and one I had never been taken on before. This is just a book that is hotter than an erupting volcano. If you get too close you know that you will be burned. Just imagine having three men pleasing you at one time and each one has a special thing that they do. I could just imagine everything that was happening in the book. Everything was just so descriptive and left nothing to the imagination. If you wanted to you could just think about other scenes that you would want to act out.

This author sure know how to get your attention and get you so hot with just a few words. I love books that are about ménage. Each and everyone is different. I wasn’t expecting what I read about in this book. I was surprised and in a good way. Those are the books that really gets a readers attention and keeps it. When an author writes like this you know that you will be back for more. I would recommend that if you love ménage then this is the book for you. I will warn you that there is anal and toys.