Review: Christmas Bliss by A.S. Fenichel

Christmas Bliss by A.S. Fenichel
Release Date:  November 29, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages:  74
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Emma is running from a tyrannous uncle bent on killing her young brother, just to gain his fortune. John, the Earl of Compton, is looking for something to change his unfulfilling life. When they meet on a dark street, nothing can change their fate.

John is so instantly smitten and socially inept, he proposes in less than twenty-four hours. Emma’s plight to save her brother has her so shaken, she agrees to the hasty Christmas wedding.

The threats to Emma’s life, and John’s fierce defense of her, demonstrate to both that the match might be more than just a convenient arrangement. If only they can thwart her uncle’s devious assault and live to enjoy each other.


Review: This was a novella that was a historical taking place in England.  I was immediately drawn in to the storyline and was surprised that there was a beginning, a middle and an end along with closure.  The storyline was well developed as were the characters. The story kept my interest from the first page to the last and you couldn’t help but root for Emma and Oliver to have a better life with all the hardships they had to endure.  There was family, friends, laughter, tears, fear,  romance and ultimately love.  I loved that Oliver was such a little man although a boy with nice manners and a caring soul

Fenichel is a new to me author.  If this is her caliber of writing I will look for other contemporary books she’s written and add them to my TBR pile.

Favorite Quote: She was right, of course. He didn’t know Emma.  She was beautiful and intelligent but was that what made him want to protect her?  Were those qualities why he was defending her to his mother, whom he was sure already liked the girl?…


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