Review: Christmas Bequest by Barbara Miller

Christmas Bequest by Barbara Miller
Release Date:  October 25, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages:   52
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

The shocking news comes right before Christmas—Patience Mayhew’s beloved brother Jack was lost in the Battle of Nivelle. Since his son is but a toddler, Jack left his estate in trust to his best friend Stuart—the man who, years ago, broke Patience’s heart.

Stuart Marsh is just as shocked as Patience at Jack’s bequest. How can he possibly run Heatherfield when Jack’s widow resents him and sister detests him? But as he settles in and sees how much work Heatherfield needs, he realizes it’s his chance to prove himself to Patience all over again. He wants nothing more than to lift the burden from her shoulders and prove that Christmas miracles exist—and that love, real love, never truly fades away.


Review: This is a novella that is set in Regency England and kept my interest throughout even though it was only 52 pages .  The characters all had several layers to them that were slowly revealed to me.  There was tension throughout the book and I was introduced to the disharmony from page one.  There was sorrow, unhappiness, helpfulness, neighborliness,  tears and laughter.  The chemistry between Patience and Stuart was a delight to see. There were several happily ever afters, one of which was totally off my radar and unexpected.  There was closure at the end but I would have liked the story to go on at least for a few more chapters.

I recently had read If Wishes Were Kisses by Miller and enjoyed that book too.  If this is Miller’s style I will be back for more but do hope some are full length novels and not all novellas.  Miller seems to have so much more story to tell.

Favorite Quote: Patience had not been beaten by all this.  Just beneath her shield wall of fatigue hid the girl who laughed at his jokes.  She was almost within reach if he could only break through her reserve without hurting her more.  If only she could forget his failures and forgive his mistakes.