Review: Bossing the Boss by Piper Trace

Bossing the Boss by Piper Trace
Release Date: December 28, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc
Pages: 30
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Lauren is wound as tight as a spring—stingy with her praise, her emotions and her heart. The youngest VP of sales in the firm’s history, she’s far too busy to attend the office party, which means when her sleeve is caught in the shredder, she’s trapped, vulnerable, in the deserted offices.

Her best salesman, the handsome and charismatic Rob, has a secret—he’s a dominant and hasn’t been able to find the right submissive to satisfy his insatiable needs. When he rounds the corner of the file room and finds his stuck-up and domineering boss bound and helpless in a provocative position, he can’t help his body’s natural and intense reaction.

Lauren is always in charge. She could never be a submissive. And yet Rob’s words and touch make her yearn to submit. And Rob wants nothing more than to show Lauren exactly who’s boss.


Review:  I chose this book because after reading the summary because I wanted to see how this played out. This was one of the few stories where when the employee seduces the boss and it comes out right rather than weird or awkward.

Rob was a hot and sexy character. Rob is a Dom and takes a chance when he gets Lauren in a position to make an advance on her. I loved his take-charge attitude.  Lauren was a conflicted character. While she knew what she wanted she did not want to go after it because she was the boss and wanted to be respected. To many people that comes across as a bitch when she is far from it.  The chemistry between Lauren and Rob was off the charts. The sex scene was very hot and steamy. It makes you look at the copy room twice.

I wish this story was longer. Overall, at thirty-four pages this was a great story. This is the first book I have read by Piper Trace and it will not be my last. I just hope we get to see these two characters again in the future.




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