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TJ: Hi everyone! I’m author, TJ Michaels, and I’d like to wish all the wonderful readers at Romancing the Book a happy upcoming Authors After Dark par-tay! Thanks so much for having me…er, us.

So I’d like to present Jovon Dawson-Li and her mates, Reis Hatsept-Krulm and Slade Tof-Li. Jovon is a former Marine and fighter pilot who was recently called into the Seeker corps for a special mission. Reis is an Ambassador to the Vampire Council of Ethics, and Slade is a Seeker. Seeker’s are kind of like vampire law enforcement’s elite fighting arm. They’ve graciously…well, Jovon has graciously agreed to hang out with us.

So without further ado, I present our guests from the Vampire Council of Ethics, Jovon, Reis and Slade. Jovon, you first. Come on in and tell everyone about yourself.

*Jovon walks in, sits down in the interview chair and waves*

Jovon: Hi. I’m Jovon Dawson-Li. Nice to meet you all.

TJ: Jovon, tell us what you’re wearing today.

Jovon: This is one of my favorite outfits. It’s a royal purple suede pencil skirt with matching jacket. The shoes are Michael Kors purple snake skin platform pumps. I’m a total shoe whore. Oh, and the nail color is courtesy of Sephora by OPI.

TJ: So is it true that you always dress like that, even when flying planes?

Reis: Yes, she does. My woman is hot all the time. And when she’s not being totally hot, she’s totally scary.

Jovon: Oh come on, you’re not still upset about the mind thingy are you?

Slade: I’ll be upset about it until hell freezes over, which I’m hoping will be any day now given I’d really like to forget it.

Jovon: Aw come on, that’s not fair.

TJ: Please do tell.

Reis: When we were first learning that we were a triad, that both Slade and I were mates to Jovon, she charged into our heads and made us see horrendous things just to prove to herself that she could do it.

TJ: Oh Jovon, that sounds naughty. So, Reis, what did you see?

Reis: No way in hell I’m telling.

Slade: She made Reis imagine he was dressed like one of Santa’s elves. And she put me in a fairy costume, complete with wand and tiara. And Reis only made it worse.

Reis: I did not!

Slade: Oh yeah? Who was calling me Mr. Manhammer Fair-Schtick? And made up a song featuring me and my cock? Asshole.

Reis: Is it my fault if your cock is spectacular?

Jovon: Well, you did make up a little song that featured lines like “Manhammer Fair-Schtick is schwinging it all around.”

Reis: Oh damn, I was hoping you hadn’t actually heard that.

TJ: Well since Jovon was responsible for the whole mind-fuckery, Jovon, do you have anything to say for yourself?

Jovon: Not a chance. I’ll just sit here and laugh, thank you very much.

TJ: Well can you tell us when your book will be available?

Jovon: Now that I can do. Seeker’s Solace, Vampire Council of Ethics Book Four, hits the shelves September 24 from Samhain Publishing. It’s up for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

TJ: And for those of you going to Authors After Dark, there will be some ARCs of Seeker’s Solace available at the ARC party. Hope to see you there, and Jovon, Reis and Slade, thanks for joining us.

* * * * *

TJTJ picked up her first romance novel, a book by Heather Graham, back in 1994. It was love at first page. She thought, “I love this! I can write this, I know I can.” And she sat down and wrote a book full of alpha guys and their kick butt women. That book sat on a shelf while TJ raised her kids and established her career.

TJ is now an award-winning author of several romance genres, including paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and urban fantasy romance. Writing like a madman, TJ hasn’t lost steam. Her mind? Yep, that’s gone, but steam there is a-plenty. A true Taurus, TJ isn’t slowing down and she’s definitely too stubborn to stop when she sees the fence!

No matter the genre TJ is penning, her favorite thing to do is build worlds. To take you somewhere extraordinary. To transport you to a place where you can close your eyes and slip into your fantasy…

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