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Today we welcome Kristen Painter to Romancing the Book as we continue our Author After Dark Author Spotlights.  Before we get to her post, let’s learn a little more about Kristen.

When the characters in Kristen Painter’s head started to take over, she decided to exorcise them onto paper and share them with the world. She currently writes the House of Comarré gothic urban fantasy vampire series for Orbit Books. The former college English teacher can often be found online at Romance Divas, the award-winning writers’ forum she co-founded, on twitter @Kristen_Painter and Facebook at www.facebook.com/KristenPainterAuthor where she loves to interact with readers.


My Five Favorite Places to Visit

  1. NYC – I went to school there, so naturally it holds a special place in my heart. Being there also fills me with the kind of excitement that comes from anything being possible. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a shopper’s paradise, too!
  2. New Orleans – What’s not to love? Food, music, history, romance and overtones of the supernatural. This city is melting pot of amazing cultures and no matter how many times I’ve been there, I always come away with something new. Plus my husband proposed to me here!
  3. Pretty much any shoe store. Please, don’t even try to look surprised.
  4. Antique shops – It’s amazing the ideas that come into my head when I get to explore a really fabulous antique store. I especially love estate jewelry and trying to imagine the person that owned the piece and what the story is behind it.
  5. New places – Like Savannah! I’ve never been so I’m really excited to explore this city I’ve heard so much about. I love discovering new places and having new experiences and Savannah seems filled with the kind of things I love – history and mystery! Even better, when Authors After Dark is there, Savannah will also be filled with readers, some of my favorite people!


Today, Last Blood (book 5 in the House of Comarré series) releases.  Here’s a little about the book:

In the final showdown between the forces of dark and light, Mal and Chrysabelle face not only Tatiana, but the ancient evil that now controls her: the Castus Sanguis. Chrysabelle gathers her friends and family around her, forming a plan to bring an end to the chaos surrounding them. But the Castus is the most powerful being they’ve ever come up against. Defeating such evil will require a great sacrifice from someone on the side of light.

One of them will change sides. One of them will die. No one will survive unscathed. Can Chrysabelle save those she cares about or will that love get her killed? What price is she willing to pay to draw last blood?

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  1. Barbara Elness says:

    Right now my favorite place to visit is Southern California because I miss home and my family and friends. But I have been longing to visit Great Britain for many years, and hope to make it there sooner rather than later. I want to see all the places I’ve read about for so long, and because my ancestors are from England, Ireland and Scotland (I’m kind of a mix of British), it’s always been the place I want to visit the most.

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