Review: The Vampire’s Plaything by Ashlynn Monroe

The Vampire’s Plaything by Ashlynn Monroe
Release Date:  June 13, 2012
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Pages: 24
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

What would you do if you found yourself helpless and vulnerable for the most attractive man you’d ever seen?

Zoe finds herself a naked captive of a vampire and impossible memories of two men surface in her mind.  Passion overcomes her as the long suppressed need for these men turned monster’s touch rekindles something from another time inside her, and makes her a willing plaything for these dangerous but sexy creatures.


Review:  This was a short story, but I have to say, that this was such a sexy steamy romp that you’ll want to re read it again and again.  I read this book in one quick gulp and then I read it again because I wanted to make sure that I had the story understood and I had a sense of what I wanted to say when I wrote my review.  I got more out of the story the second time around because I knew what was going to happen next and this story is so short that if you usually don’t enjoy re-reading, this book will make a convert out of you.  I’m going to apologize now in advance for being evasive with my review but I need to let the reader know that this is a short story and I don’t want to reveal anything that might ruin the story for the reader.  It will so be worth it if you read it though.

Why all this fuss over a short story you may be asking?  Well, ok we have a hunky vampire that is attracted to Zoe and the possibility of another hunky vampire who wants her as well.  Can I just say HAWT!!?  If you’re not into reincarnation or vampires or anything of that nature then this book is definitely not for you.  If these kinds of things don’t bother you, then hopefully you’ll enjoy the book.

I have to say, that at first I was apprehensive about reading this book because I wasn’t sure if being at the mercy of a vampire was something I wanted to read about, but I was pleasantly surprised at the wording of the author’s work and I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable with the material at all.  I know that sounds so strange, vampires, reincarnation, being at his mercy, they should be sending out red flags of danger, but trust me, and stay with me.

I found myself liking Zoe and I was sure that I wouldn’t.  I didn’t think I’d like her because I thought she would be this whiny, wimpy virginal character who would be docile and subservient to the vampire.  I thought she would wring her hands in trepidation and swoon when he got naked.    Instead, she knew what she was getting herself into and understood the ramifications of her decisions and was more then ok with what was going to happen.  She was smart and ballsy and knew what she wanted.  I even liked Hayden, the vampire.  He knew he was incapable of soft tender feelings and was honest and forthright with Zoe about his expectations of her.  You can’t fault a dude for being honest with what he wants, even if it’s not what I want to hear.

I don’t want to say too much more about the story because I fear giving more of the story away and I want you the reader to enjoy it and be surprised.