Review: Wicked Game by Scarlett Sanderson

Wicked Game by Scarlett Sanderson
Series: Sequel to At Their Command
Release Date: May 2, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 80
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Ruth wants something wicked. Something a nice girl would never wish for-to be taken, tied up and forced into pleasure. Hands bound, mouth gagged, blindfolded-she wants, needs, to be utterly helpless as a man brings her to orgasm again and again. But not just any man. Ruth’s darkest fantasies always star Dominic Sullivan. Dominic knows it’s wrong but he can’t help himself. Whenever he’s around Ruth, he longs to bend her over or force her to her knees, to give her pleasure and take his in return. After overhearing her confess that she wants someone to abduct her for raw, primal sex, he hatches a plan that will give them both what they most desire. It’s a wicked game they’re playing, a game Dominic plans to win. Especially since the ultimate prize isn’t just Ruth’s body-it’s her heart.


Review:  After I read the summary, I could not wait to read the reviews. I wondered if the book would live up to its summary.

Ruth has a fantasy that she shares with her friend Hope. The fantasy is to be abducted and forced into pleasure. Dominic has had feelings for Ruth and when he hears her fantasy he does everything to make it come to life.

These two are a great match. I loved that Dominic was a bad boy and Ruth is a librarian. The chemistry between Dominic and Ruth is off the charts. The sex scenes were very hot and spicy. I loved how Dominic pursed Ruth, by sending her gifts and turning her on. I loved that they just did not hop in bed together.

Overall, this book not only lived up to the summery but also exceeded it. While I have not read the prior book, this book can be read as a standalone without any confusion. I will definitely be picking up the prior book.