Review: Vampire Shadow by Storm Savage

Vampire Shadow by Storm Savage
Series: Night Angels (# 8)
Release Date: December 1, 2012
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
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Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Zoe is unaware that her shadow became a separate entity during her bout of amnesia. Through a spiritual revelation with the ghost of her mates, the phenomenon behind her fire is unveiled to her. She is awestruck by the nature of her gift.

While Booker is away on business, she and Rider bond on an intense level and exchange extremely intimate bites. When Rider travels south to help his twin open the new club, Zoe is left alone overnight. She ventures into the darkness and begins utilizing her fire to avenge the death of lost souls.

Zoe doesn’t like how she feels when her shadow runs amok and pleasures her mates. Even worse, she must find her alter ego before Shadow drains her soul.


Review: I was happy when I got the chance to read this book. I hate to say that this is the only second book that I have read in this series. I didn’t know that there was another one after Zoe caught the bar on fire.

Zoe, Booker and Rider have been through a lot and to still they are together. They learn more things about their relationship every day and it just seems to draw them even closer together. I know how much it is to work out a relationship with just one. I couldn’t imagine having to work it out with two men and having their brother wanting to be mated to her to.

I found out more and more about this series every time I read it. It’s not hard to get lost in it. I can just imagine Zoe dancing and have fire start coming out of her. I think that would be the best thing in the world to see. Zoe is a strong woman even though at times she thinks she can’t do it.

The author does a great job with her characters and the storyline. Even though they are a little short it helps having it in a series. It helps us get to see how the characters change and deal with different situations. With each story we get to see what Zoe can do and what new things she does.

This is a series that I wouldn’t mind going and starting from the first book and reading it in order. This is the kind of series that you can read over and over and still not get enough. There will always be something new that happened that you missed the first time.

If you love bikers and paranormal then this is the series for you.