Review: Tristan’s Temptation by Sabrina York

Tristan’s Temptation by Sabrina York
Release Date: May 25, 2012
Publisher:   Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
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Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

The red-hot sequel to Adam’s Obsession.

Tristan Trillo has one steadfast rule-thou shalt not fish in the company pond. That puts his executive assistant Shannon Weiss firmly out of reach. He tells himself the secret steamy computer simulations he creates-ones featuring a seductress with more than a passing resemblance to Shannon-are enough. But watching the virtual Shannon get spanked or tied up, taken from behind or while down on her knees, just makes him want the real Shannon more. When Shannon discovers the depth of Tristan’s desire, she vows to seduce him in real life, his rule be damned. After a blazing, illicit tryst in Tristan’s office, he insists they can never do it again. So Shannon, ever the obedient assistant, makes certain the next time she seduces him, they do something completely different. Poor Tristan is a man trapped between his steadfast rule and a burning passion. A rock, if you will, and a very hard place.


Review:  While I have never read anything by Sabrina York, the summary sparked an interest. It definitely makes you look at the vertical world twice.

Shannon is Tristan’s personal assistant. She is indispensable to not just Tristan but the company as a whole. She buffers her bosses gruff nature and is one of the only people that can put up with him. What everyone does not know is she is in love with her boss.

Tristan along with his brother Adam and his college roommate Jack they started a company. Tristan’s main rule was “don’t fish in the company pond”. Sabrina has Tristan rethinking this rule.

The chemistry between Tristan and Shannon is off the charts. They are a pair that is made for each other in and out of the bedroom. The sex scenes were hot and explosive. They burned the pages up.

I would have loved to see what stunts Adam is going to pull after what Tristan put Adam through in dating Kat. There was the threat all through the book but nothing was done to back it up.

I would have liked the story to be a bit longer. I would have also liked the ending to be a bit less abrupt. Overall, this was a wonderful book. I just loved that Sharron was not some pushover. I am hoping for another book. I would love to revisit these characters in the future.