Review: The Highlander’s Fury by Maeve Greyson

The Highlander’s Fury by Maeve Greyson
Release Date: February 6, 2012
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Pages: 254
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

An average day in the life of an immortal fury: flex powers, locate evil, administer justice. Until Ciara’s goddess mothers convince her to seduce a brooding mortal and bear the man a gifted child. All she has to do is swap places with his betrothed. The task is simple−become the seductive wife, bear the man a child and train the young one in the Ways. Once the boy reaches seven years of age, they’ll swap her back with the wife he thinks he selected and Ciara can resume her job of rousting wickedness from the world.

Faolan MacKay’s advisors plague him daily about his matrimonial duties as laird, dragging prospects from across the Highlands: plump dowries attached to each one. Faolan’s lost everyone he’s ever loved. He’d rather go straight to the fiery pits of Hell than down the wedding aisle. Out of desperation, his plan takes seed. He’ll select a wife he can ignore. There’s just one problem with this foolproof theory. Nobody ignores Ciara. Against his better judgment, he’s enthralled with the woman and to Ciara’s surprise, this strange thing called love burns hotter than her hunger for vengeance.

At the end of the seven years the ruse is up, all will return to as it was. Can the bond of love overcome the mandate of the ultimate powers?


Review: I will admit, I have a soft spot for a romance set in the beautiful country of Scotland. There is just something about a Highlander that gets me. This book was no different.

Faolan is a Highlander who is determined to not marry. Turning down countless proposals, he comes up with a plan to marry a woman who would place no stake on his heart. That is, until he meets Ciara, who is determined only do her duty. They are pulled towards one another and both realize that love is just what they needed.  This story is full of all the good things – romance, steamy love scenes, humor, a dreamy hero and a strong, feisty heroine and a beautiful setting.

Faolan is a character you fall in love with immediately. He’s been hurt and you realize that has played a huge part in how he lives his life and the choices he makes. He is relatable…after all, we have all been in a space similar at some point in our lives. It does help that he is unbelievably gorgeous and you just want to make all of his hurt go away.

Ciara, on the other hand, isn’t immediately likable. She is strong and tough. As an immortal who has a job to perform, she does it well and keeps emotion out of it. When she is asked to marry Faolan, she does so, determined to keep her heart and emotion out of it. That is, until she seems him and feels the pull there is between them. In the end, she becomes a character you root for.
Not only are the two main characters interesting, you have secondary characters who keep the story moving along, who provide support and humor.

Bottom line – this is a great book! I loved it and I look forward to reading more from Maeve Greyson.