Review: Taming the Boss Lady by Jan Bowles

Taming the Boss Lady by Jan Bowles
Series: Masters of Submission (# 3)
Release Date: August 14, 2012
Publisher:   Siren Publishing
Pages: 158
Source:  book provided by the author for review

Twenty-nine-year-old Kelly McCloud is not the average submissive. CEO of a large corporate company, she demands and gets respect wherever she goes. Surrounded by weak yes-men, Kelly yearns for the touch of a dominant man—someone who can relieve the pressure in her hectic life.

Natural Dom and Club Submission owner Matthew Strong is instantly drawn to the sexy, self-assured woman. Just who is this opinionated, outspoken lady who frequents his club night after night? When she turns down all the other Masters, he decides to take control.

At thirty-five, Matthew has the experience to handle any woman, however important she may believe herself to be. With a little careful training, he can mold Kelly into the perfect sub, but when enemies from within surface unexpectedly, his well-laid plans may just have to be put on hold.

Has Matthew finally met his match taming the boss lady?


Review: I have to admit since I’m among friends here that I have an emotional commitment to this series. When I reviewed the first two books, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and now I am fully committed to reading as much of this series as I can get my grubby little hands on. I’m still unsure of how I feel about all aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. It scares me and I feel better when the author conveys the submissives’ anxieties, fears, and uncertainties within the story. I don’t know if I could commit to a BDSM relationship and it intrigues me when these strong independent women enter into these kinds of relationships. These kinds of stories help me live vicariously through the submissive’s point of view, as well as the dom’s point of view.

This story involves one of the owners of club submission and his story. I really wanted to know more about one of the owners of the sex club. What is he like in his personal relationships? What kind of a man is he? What kind of a dom is he? Is he a good man? Is he a jerk? Matthew is a very strong man and is committed to ensuring that things WILL go his way. He can be very uncompromising at times but he really has Kelly’s best interest at heart. He’s not a jerk but he can be overbearing. He’s not gentle, and he loves in his own way.

Kelly is a woman that is used to doing things her way and learns the hard way that the only way is Matthew’s way. I wanted to not like Matthew because he could be so hard toward Kelly, but he was the way that he is to help her find the freedom she needed. It sounds overwhelming and it can be, but Matthew protects Kelly from those overwhelming feelings and helps her be a better person.

I have to admit that while Matthew wouldn’t be the kind of dude I could see myself with, I respect him because of his value system and his commitment to his relationship, his business and to himself. Kelly is a strong woman and she comes to realize that submitting doesn’t make her weak it makes her a women who is in touch with what makes her happy and whole. I really like that about her. I have to say that the climax of the story took me by surprise and I have to hand it to you Jan that I had no idea. You totally rock. If BDSM is your thing, invest in this series, and if you’re new to this genre, give them a try.