Review: Sinful Truth by Regina Cole

Sinful Truth by Regina Cole
Release Date: April 20, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 73
Source:  book provided by publisher for review

Bryerly Keats just wants a fresh start. Instead she discovers a group of men who prey on women, devouring them to gain powers and immortality. When the men set their sights on Bry, she’s rescued by Verum the Truth Keeper, an ancient being who sees all, knows all and bears the ugly truths of the world on his broad, lonely shoulders. He’s willing to rescue Bry if she’s willing to pay a price—not just hours of mind-blowing, orgasmic bliss, but a lifetime of sharing his burdens. Including the ability to read minds and see the past.In a town where men do horrible, unspeakable things, being able to hear the darkness of their thoughts is more curse than gift, but Bry is willing to do anything if it means ending the carnage…and staying with Verum forever.


Review: I was intrigued with the promise of demons, mythology, ancient secrets, and the choice of orgasmic bliss or a life of burdens. This was a short read and I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Author Regina Cole drew me into the story immediately with the opening chapter! Bryerly Keats (Bry) ends up discovering that her boyfriend Rafe is part of a horrible group of men killing and torturing women. With knowledge of this horrible truth she is on the run and Verum appears to help her. He only offers her assistance if she is willing to “pay the price”. She has no idea what this price is. In fear of her life, she does what any normal person would do to survive. She accepts the help without knowing the price!

Bry is sexually drawn to Verum for reasons she can’t explain. As soon as she is saved, Bry and Verum share one of the most erotic and steamy scenes I have read in a long time. Cole almost leaves me breathless with this erotic sexual encounter. Her writing is descriptive, entertaining and hot! What makes it even hotter is the character Bry. Bry is filled with an unexplained lust towards this beautiful man that is almost magical or paranormal, something from out of this world.

I did enjoy the ancient story of Verum, the “Keeper of Truth” and how he came to be. Cole does give a good back story. In the story Verum lies to protect his sister and is doomed for life. His punishment was to be the all knowing and keep all truths of all mankind. He becomes an immortal that lives in darkness for all time suffering with all the secrets of all the cruel, evil and horrible men and woman; all mankind.

Bry struggles to deal with the “price” she paid to Verum. She is now also a seer of truth and has to deal with the ugliness and cruelty of all mankind. She is torn and does not know if she can deal with this darkness. She also cannot get enough of Verum for he fulfills her sexually as she has never known before.

This is a very short read, but this would make an amazing series. The back story is well thought out and developed enough and is not one that I have heard of many times before. Author Cole also does an amazing job of writing and keeps you reading and intrigued throughout. The mixing of erotic and a little horror makes for a good book. The only thing I wished for more of in this book is for more erotic scenes. Perhaps if the book were longer there would be more hot scenes. I would definitely read any other books by Regina Cole and would love to see this one turned into a series! I highly recommend this book to fans of paranormal, horror and erotica.