Review: Opal Moon by Ann Mayburn

Opal Moon by Ann Mayburn
Series: Prides of the Moon (# 6)
Release Date: June 6, 2012
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing
Pages: 38
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Burdened by heartache, werepuma Alpha Giselle seeks the complete release only offered by a night of sexual abandonment in the arms of a couple selected by the 1 Night Stand matchmaking service. Unable to fully bond with her gay male beta, Noah, she has been starved for affection and hopes that the mysterious couple can keep up with her sensual demands.

Inara and her husband of over a thousand years, Theron, are traveling through the human world, seeking out those that are in need of Inara’s special fay gift. Inara is a sorrow eater. She takes the grief of others and replaces it with joy. Giselle is in desperate need of Inara’s healing touch after the death of her sister and the rejection of her beta. Together they will try to fill each other’s needs and desires, but only if Giselle will once again open her heart to the greatest force in the universe, love.


Review: What a emotional story this was. I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the Prides of the Moon series and the 1NS series. Ann Mayburn never disappoints. Each book I read from her is a breath of fresh air laced with extreme passion.

Giselle is a werepuma whose without her beta as her beta happens to be gay. Inara and her husband Theron are there to give Giselle the passion she needs so that she can move on and boy do they deliver. I loved this menage.

If I have to say one thing I wanted to be added is more story for Giselle.

I’m hoping that the author will continue Giselle’s story. Thank you Ann Mayburn for another passion filled, sexy, erotic, emotional roller coaster. Looking forward to reading more. I will recommend this book to all my friends who love f/f and f/m/f.