Review: Mistletoe And Mayhem by Allie Standifer

Mistletoe And Mayhem by Allie Standifer
Series:  Love From Christmas Town
Release Date:  December 2, 2011
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press; Faery Rose Edition
Pages:  73
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

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Review: I loved reading Mistletoe and Mayhem. It was a great Christmas read and a new experience for me as it had shape-shifters. I did enjoy learning about a new shape-shifter, dolphins, as the characters in this book have powers and can turn into any sea creature. Also, they must find their mate within two hundred years and if they don’t, they must go into the ministry or decide to age rapidly and die.

Mistletoe,  called Toe for short, is a Christmas elf  in charge of  sea life at the North Pole. She was left on Santa’s doorstep over two-hundred years ago and has just about given up on a mate.  She’s tired of always changing to be the person everyone wants and even tries to change her blue hair.  She gets into a lot of mischief so it’s no surprise when she’s  sent on a mission that she falls into Niken and her life is forever changed.

Niken has been searching for his mate for years and could never find her. Dacen, Niken’s twin brother, tells him that he is probably looking for his mate in the wrong place. Niken can’t stand humans so he doesn’t want a human mate.

I enjoyed that even when both of these characters had given up on finding a mate at the last minute they found each other. Toe has some things to get over so that she and Niken can be mated and spend their life together and he loves her enough that he was willing to let finish her assignment before he told her about himself.

While this was a short story, I wish that it could’ve been a little longer and I could of found out a little more about the lives of Mistletoe and Niken. I so hope that another book is coming out after this one.


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