Review: Lycan Warrior by Anastasia Maltezos

Lycan Warrior by Anastasia Maltezos
Series: Lycan Legend
Release Date: December 1, 2012
Publisher:  Devine Destinies
Pages: 68
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Malek is the brave, heroic Lycan warrior who has served as the king’s chief guard for two hundred years. His prime directive is to protect the royal kingdom. He sets off on a mission from the king that will take him on a journey away from the castle. His mission is not a dangerous one, but there is danger all around him in the form of one beauty, the She-Wolf, Katya, who the king has asked to accompany Malek and his band of guards. Even though she is the key to the success of the mission, Malek has reasons not to trust her. As his attraction mounts for the beauty, so does his frustration. How can he surrender to his wolf’s almost violent need to claim her when he believes she is a threat to the castle?

When she overhears Malek insinuate to the king that she may be a spy sent by Balkathan to infiltrate the castle, Katya is extremely insulted. The fierce looking Lycan warrior doesn’t trust her and she tries very hard to make peace between them. Her anger turns to passionate heat for the Lycan warrior when his touch awakens her inner wolf for the first time in her life.

Will Malek and Katya conquer their inner demons and realise they are meant to be?


Review: I read Lycan Warrior in about 45 minutes and wish I could get those minutes back. Is that harsh? Yeah….but it is absolutely the truth.

I have definitely read books where I was disappointed but I have never read a book that I just downright couldn’t find any redeeming qualities about. Maybe the reason has to do with the fact that this story is only 68 pages. Maybe there wasn’t enough time to create characters that people want to read about. Maybe it had to do with the fact that this is part of a series and you definitely feel like you are missing something. Whatever it is, it takes away from what this book could have been.

The main problem for me was the fact that the two main characters have no chemistry. They dislike each other and then in the very next paragraph, they are kissing and they love each other. There is no build up, nothing to make us fall in love with these people. And they are boring! There is no humor or insight as to who they really are. I am happy I know nothing because I don’t want to waste another second thinking about them.

Another personal note: If the book has “Lycan” in the title, the reader knows that the book is about Lycans. We don’t need to be reminded in every single conversation or situation what the characters are. We get it!

Unfortunately, this book is a “definitely pass” for me.