Review: Longfellow Seduced by Sierra and VJ Summers

Longfellow Seduced by Sierra and VJ Summers
Re-release Date: May 9, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 100
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Magnus Crowe—previously enslaved by his sire, the Vampire Contessa Allessandra—does not trust beautiful women. So when he discovers someone is embezzling from his club, he resents being forced to call in a woman to fix it.

Prudence Longfellow, a forensic accountant, comes from an ancient line of powerful Longfellow women. She agrees to track the club’s missing money with one condition—Magnus must stay out of her way. That’s a promise easier made than kept. Magnus can’t deny his strong attraction to this enthralling woman and Prudence, despite her best efforts, gives in to Magnus’ seduction. Repeatedly. They can’t keep their hands to themselves whenever they’re together and soon they have to face up to the possibility that they might be intoxicated by something more than intense desire for each other.

But Allessandra is back, and she wants to claim the man she created—only he doesn’t belong to her anymore. Prudence has staked her claim, and she’s not giving him up without a fight.


Review: Violet Summers originally published this book back in 2009. I love vampire novels, but I have always found it hard to find a good vampire novel. This book exceeded all my expectations.

Prudence Longfellow is a part of an ancient line of women who are healers, historians and guardians. They are feared and respected among the world they are a part of. Prudence is a forensic accountant. She is there to track missing money for Magnus Crowe. She comes across as not only strong but smart.

Magnus Crowe does not trust beautiful woman because he learned the hard way it does not always end well. He is attracted to Prudence even though he does not want to be. In addition, he is worried because he spots his sire Contessa Allessandra DiCasca. He wonders about her motives. He comes across as a strong and sensitive guy wrapped up in one.

I enjoyed watching as Prudence and Magnus fought there attraction to each other. The chemistry they had together was explosive. The sex scenes were off the charts. They make a great couple.

I think that this book was pretty short considering the plot. I wish it were longer. Overall, this was a wonderful book. The characters just came alive. I would love to know more about this world that Sierra and VJ Summers created. I hope that there are more books by this author about this world.

Melissa sig