Review: Her Alien Affair by Alexandra O’Hurley

Her Alien Affair by Alexandra O’Hurley
Series: Aegarian Saga (# 2)
Release Date: February 20, 2013
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Pages: 196
Source:  book provided by publisher for review

Taroth comes to Earth on a scouting mission, only to have his best friend leave him at the bottom of a ravine, an accident turned crime of opportunity. He’s left behind, on an unknown world, his body broken.

Dr. Corrine Phillips is shocked when the man shows up beaten and bruised, having been left for dead. She’d bumped into the stranger days before and she’d felt an immediate connection to him. She nurses him back to health and helps him search for his past, but only one thing seems to be on his mind—nights with her in his arms.

John Doe knows there’s a story behind his fall; he just wishes he could remember the life he’d led before he awoke from his coma. John knows Corrine’s tied to him in some way. He just wishes he’d remember his past so he can forge a future with her.


Review:  Taroth is sent to Earth to see if there are any life forms and to see what it looks like. They had sent scientists to the planet centuries ago and had forgotten all about them. This is a mission that he didn’t want to go on. All he wants to do is get back home and marry the woman that is his Daya N’goul D’ Na. All things change when he she’s Corrine. He doesn’t understand how he can have two Daya N’goul.  Corrine feels the connection between Taroth and herself but she has closed herself off for years and just wants to think about becoming a doctor. Taroth plans on taking her to his planet until he is double crossed and left for dead.

This was a pretty good story. If dreams really happened like this in real life I would want to experience them all the time. It would solve a lot of problems if you knew the person you were going to be with as soon as you saw and smelled them. I wouldn’t like the uncontrollable lust all the time though. Well if I had a man that was over seven feet tall, like Taroth and a monster between his legs. The plot of the story was believable. It gave a whole new meaning on how humans are on Earth. Made me really think about if there was any way that life exist on other planets. I enjoy reading books that make me really think. One that takes you on a great adventure.

Love this series and can’t wait to read the other’s. I missed the first but it didn’t feel like I had really missed anything. I will be going and reading the first one. Taroth has a family that I wish I had. It is big and everyone seems to really love each other. Aegarian’s really are no different between humans and them. They just bond with one woman and never get divorced. Some of the laws are different. Now I am thinking about what I would do if I ever saw an alien. I can say that I wouldn’t start kissing and having my way with him.

Great erotic read with an alien and I recommend that everyone give it a try.