Review: Four GI’s & A Witch by Cheryl Dragon

Four GI’s & A Witch by Cheryl Dragon
Series: Warriors Craft (# 4)
Release Date: November 23, 2012
Publisher:  Changeling Press, LLC
Pages: 74
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Stacey and her four hot male friends are home in Los Angeles on leave from the military. Being off duty doesn’t mean they can ignore a case of missing civilians and divers that takes a mystical bent.

From curses to sea monsters, it’s a mission that takes very special skills. Working with a secret unit of the military, they write their own standard operating procedure for this investigation. With a little help and a lot of nerve, they find group love and make the California beaches once again safe for everyone.

Reversing a siren’s curse will take trust, cunning, love, sex, spells — and a really big cage!


Review: One sexy hot menage.

Stacey is a with and also is in the military. She has feelings for four guys but doesn’t know what the relationship is between them. Tommy and Finn is in a friends with benefits relationship. Will and Eddie has feelings for each other but everyone wants Stacey. There is a disappearance of women and they all go together to help out and find out what is going on.

This book deals with the military and the don’t ask, don’t tell that was going on. How hard it is to have a relationship and be gay but it gets even more complicated when you get into bisexual relationships and dealing with four men and one woman. The way society is today and people not wanting something that is normal. Who wants to have an open mind and deal with something that is hard to explain?

The author did a wonderful job on dealing with the relationship problems that arise in this story. Two men don’t want to admit their feelings for each other and ruin anything. They also want the same woman. This was a story that I really enjoyed. It had paranormal elements in it and five people all working together to save everyone and to help before anyone else goes missing.

This book has M/M, M/M/F/M/M. It also has anal sex. If this isn’t the kind of reading that you are comfortable with then don’t read.