Review: Forbidden Magic by Genia Avers

Forbidden Magic by Genia Avers
Series: Lanatus Chronicles (# 1)
Release Date: May 23, 2012
Publisher:  MuseItUp Publishing
Pages: 265
Source:  reviewer won the book in a contest

Subena’s people are dying. To obtain the crystals the álfar need to survive, she agrees to a treaty with the hated Gatslians. King Rothart has but one demand—she must wed his son, Prince Kamber. Subena vows the marriage will be in name only, but she is ill prepared for an attraction stronger than the ancient magic lying dormant in the land. Add to the chaotic mix a former suitor, a phantom lover, attempted murder, and an invasion by hostile troops, and Subena’s world isn’t what it used to be. Ancient skills might shield her body, but she possesses no power to protect her heart. Can she fight his former paramour and keep the seductress from laying claim to the man who’s made his imprint on Subena’s soul? Or is love as much of an illusion as a return to the planet Earth?

FORBIDDEN MAGIC is the first novel in a series of romantic adventures chronicling the intercultural challenges as Mydrias and Gastle attempt to resolve their differences and return to earth.


Review: Forbidden Magic is an interesting take on an other-wordly story. Just as on planet Earth, the inhabitants of Lanatus fight for survival, live, love and war against other countries. Descended from the human race, the races are slowly dying, some more quickly than others. In order to secure much-needed crystals for her people’s survival, the beautiful Subena agrees to marry a Prince from another country, according to the terms of a treaty.

Subena swears the marriage will be in name only, vowing to return to her home in a year’s time. But when she meets him, she is strangely drawn to him. Prince Kamber in enamored of her, and vows to make her his wife in every way possible, and promises to be faithful to her. But his reputation as a rake precedes him, and Subena doesn’t trust him. However their wedding night proves to be a shocking revelation – they are so passionate a mural appears on the wall above their bed. It is forbidden to use magic, but Subena and Kamber each have some ancient magic within them. They are linked in more ways than one.

Since this is a book set on a far off planet, there are other-worldly names for everyday items, people, races, etc., but there’s also enough Earthly references that it’s not too foreign, and easy to follow along.

I really liked this book. The characters are compelling, the plot is original, and it’s a great story. Subena is trying to find a way to keep her people alive. Right now, they rely on crystals for their life force, but she does not think that is what they need to sustain themselves. Prince Kamber has also researched ways to keep his people alive, and the “elixir of life” he has discovered is something that will help Subena’s people. I think the author has incorporated interesting ideas for what both races need in order to survive.

I love the passion between Subena and Kamber, and the fact that they create their own magic that results in beautiful murals appearing on the wall over their marriage bed. Brilliant!

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