Review: Dashing Through the Snow by Lisa G. Riley

Dashing Through the Snow by Lisa G. Riley
Release Date: January 22,2012
Publisher:  Self-published
Pages: 163
Source:  book provided by the author for review

Lily Carstairs has finally gotten her private investigator’s license and she’s already completed her first case, picking up a nice, fat fee for her troubles. Her second case, however, could be the case of a lifetime and could make her career. All she has to do is find a missing millionaire who disappeared…in broad daylight… in a brand new Lexus….from the side of the road in a small town where everyone knows everyone, but no one saw anything.

Other than sometimes wishing she had Ms. Marple on speed dial for help with the case, Lily feels things are going swimmingly. When she finds out childhood friend and ex-lover Smith Cameron has also been hired to solve the case, she doesn’t like it, but she soldiers on. And when Smith suggests that they partner on the case and resume their affair, she goes into both partnerships with her eyes wide open. Her goal is to collect the $10,000 bonus in the end and keep her heart intact.

As the millionaire’s trail leads them on a chase from their small town of Sheffield-Chatham to Chicago, and through the fancy rooms of secret men’s clubs to the hushed halls of museums and finally to some of the less seemly parts of town, they find themselves embroiled in a Machiavellian conspiracy involving rare gems, money and power, one that threatens to bring down some of their town’s leading citizens. When all is said and done, Lily has no doubt that Smith and she should continue their professional partnership. It’s the personal one she’s not so sure about.


Review: Dashing Through the Snow is part mystery, part romance, part HOT sex, and a whole lot of fun. Lily Carstairs has finally found her calling: private detective. With her first cheating-husband case under her belt, she is hired to find a woman’s missing millionaire husband. But the client is so desperate to have her husband found that Lily is the second detective hired on the case. And who is that other detective? None other than Smith Cameron, the boy Lily grew up with, and the man who broke her heart by running all the way back to Texas after a steamy night of passionate sex.

Four years ago, Smith succumbed to the temptation of Lily’s charm, and spent a night to remember in her arms and her bed. But guilt drove him away from her. He was, after all, the one charged to look after her, and protect her from guys like him! But now he’s back in Illinois with his own private investigation business, and he’s encroaching on Lily’s turf (in more ways than one).

Hired to find an unassuming man who disappeared between his club and home, with no trace to be found, Lily and Smith have to call a truce and team up to solve the baffling case.

Lily is a thirty-year-old woman trying to find herself and her true calling among well-intentioned family members who still treat her like a child. Smith is the man who spent his life looking after the daughter of his mama’s best friend. The family wants them married, but he’s pretty skittish, and she doesn’t want to settle down. Yet he can’t stay away from the one woman he feels he should avoid.

I must admit there were a few grammatical errors (not bad, very minor), and an instance of thinking “can they really do it in that position?” But it wasn’t enough to detract from the story itself. I was pulled into the story from the beginning, and I think the author has a good voice for storytelling.

This is a fun book with a good mystery and even better chemistry between Lily and Smith. I’ve not read any of this author’s works yet, but I enjoyed this one. I hope there will be more from Lily and Smith soon!

Favorite Quote: Lily’s cousin is talking to Smith:
“Anyway, she came gliding down that gorgeous staircase in some strapless black velvety thing and since you were standing right next to me, I heard you. You gulped like you had swallowed your tongue. And if that weren’t pathetic enough, I heard you say something that made me feel shame as a man just because I was standing next to you.” He broke up laughing when Smith groaned in embarrassment.
“Your voice sounded muffled, like the words were coming from the throat of a drowning man, but they were clear enough. I’ll never forget it. You said, ‘Jesus, save me.’ It was a plea like none I’d ever heard before, and I thought two things. One: if he touches her, I’d hate to do it, but I’d have to kill him and two: if he touches her, I’d hate to do it, but I’d have to kill him.”


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