Review: Codename: Autumn by Aubrey Ross

Codename: Autumn by Aubrey Ross
Series: Undercover Embassy (# 1)
Re-Release Date: May 30, 2012
Publisher:   Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages: 86
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

In a future where women have few choices, Autumn fears she’ll never again know the pleasure of a man’s touch. Then General Ra’jen Noirte rescues her from a whipping gone wrong. The sexy alien captivates her, reawaking dormant desires. On the surface he radiates deadly aggression, but Autumn has glimpsed his tormented soul. Though he commands the occupation army, she suspects they have similar goals.

Ra’jen returns from combat to find a woman bound, abused and abandoned. His healing touch soon turns to hunger as she stirs beneath his hands. With milk-white skin and flame-red hair, Autumn tempts him to abandon his responsibilities and indulge long-neglected needs. Every kiss, every caress distracts from his mission, and the fate of Earth depends on his success. More than love is on the line as they form an uneasy alliance and fight their mutual enemies.


Review: Codename: Autumn is the first book in the Undercover Embassy series by Aubrey Ross. The blurb caught my attention and stuck with me. I am not a fan of futuristic science fiction but this book could change my mind on that.

Autumn is one of the countless other women on earth. They had the choice to work in the mines, become a breeder, or to work as an ambassador. She has very little options left in her life. She chose the best one available to her. Autumn is a very strong and smart character.

Ra’jen is the general who falls for this woman who has such innocence. He is strong character that does what he is supposed to do right down to the letter. He also recognizes the difference between right and wrong and will do what it takes to help the people of earth over throw the Gathosian race.

The chemistry between Ra’jen and Autumn is off the charts. They both fall in love shorty after meeting with each other. The sex scenes are hot and explosive. These are a great pair.

Overall, this was a great story. The author did a wonderful job of writing a very complex story that combined sex, mystery, and turmoil among the citizens of Earth. I would have liked it if the story was much longer than the 86 pages it was. I cannot wait to read the next books in the series.