Review: And She Liked It by Voirey Linger

And She Liked It by Voirey Linger
Release Date: February 24, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 46
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

A six-foot-plus mountain of sexiness is trying to seduce Janie and doing a damn good job of it. Just one problem…her husband is watching the whole thing.

To her surprise, Edward has no problem with his wife being seduced. In fact, he’s encouraging it. They share a deep love, but the mindless lust that drove them as a new couple has been missing for a while. And Paul is just the man to bring heat back into their marriage. Edward knows if Janie is brave enough to allow Paul to join them, she just might like it.


Review: I just need to say first off that this short story packed a lot of heat. I think what I loved most of this book was the sexual tension between Janie and Paul and between Janie and her husband Edward. I loved the fact that I could almost feel the sexual tension and the intense feelings that were being written on the page.

I was surprised in a good way to learn of the intense love and respect between Edward and Janie. Edward knows that this tryst that he’s encouraging between Janie and Paul will go a long way to help his marriage. At first I was a little taken aback. How will this help? Will this drive a wedge in their marriage? Will feelings develop between Janie and Paul? Will Edward be able to move forward with his marriage? Will Janie? Will Paul be able to walk away when this is over? There’s a lot to consider and feelings are always a changing variable. You feel one way at the beginning of something but you could feel totally different at the end. I was really worried that this could deeply and negatively impact their marriage.

Janie seemed to reflect these feelings as well. Edward was very confident in Paul’s and Janie’s lust for each other and her love for him. I liked Edward’s calm presence in this story. He never doubted anything. He was a good man. He wanted the passion back in his marriage and was willing to do whatever it took to do it. Janie tried to hard to fight her attraction to Paul. She was fighting a losing battle. I never doubted her love, respect and devotion to Edward.

Paul, even though he was supposed to be one of the main characters in this story, he was surprisingly quiet within this story and as a reader, I didn’t get a lot of information about him. I was kind of glad, I didn’t want to get to emotionally attached to him because then I would have felt conflicted and probably Janie would have too. She needs to be with her husband. I liked Paul though even though I didn’t want to. He was respectful of Edward’s feelings and was respectful of Janie as well.

All three of them knew what this tryst was and no one made any promises they could keep. That was cool. Paul knew what he was there for and could walk away when he was no longer needed. I have a lot of respect for Edward for encouraging Janie and Paul’s attraction and not getting jealous. Some couples can do this. I was surprised I didn’t get angry and disappointed because Janie was with another man other then her husband, but I realized it was something that needed to happen to make Janie and Edward’s marriage better. I know it sounds bizarre and from an alternate universe, but it’s true. This was a really good short story.