Review: A Wedding in Springtime by Amanda Forester

A Wedding in Springtime by Amanda Forester
Series: The Wedding Mart (# 1)
Release Date: May 7, 2013
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 415
Source:  book provided by NetGalley for review

Her Timing Couldn’t Be Worse…

Miss Eugenia Talbot’s presentation to the queen is spoiled by a serious faux pas—the despicable William Grant made her laugh, right in front of Her Majesty. Now Eugenia is ruined and had better marry—someone, anyone—at once…

And His Couldn’t Be Better…

Roguish William Grant has never taken anything seriously in his life. Until he meets Eugenia Talbot, who makes him feel and do thing he never thought he would.

Now Eugenia’s great sense of humor and kindheartedness may be her undoing, unless William can help her find a husband. To his surprise, that’s the last thing he wants to do…


Review: Amanda Forester is more widely known for her Scottish romance. I’m so very pleased to see her branching out into the regency romance world as it is one of my favorite genres to read.

The book starts off hilariously well. I’m a big fan of misunderstandings and heroines who have a quick wit. We meet Genie as she is being presented to the Queen. Unfortunately for her, but fortunate for us, she has a wicked sense of humor so when a man next to her is…passing gas…she begins to smirk. The problem? A know rake catches her eye and returns her smile and then begins to laugh.

Which then causes Genie to laugh…

In the Queens face.

Any Regency reader would cringe, just like I did, when I read that part. What follows soon after is a lovely regency romp where our heroine, Genie, blames our rakish hero, Grant, for ruining her presentation.

Grant has it all, money, good looks, women–he’s never wanted for anything in his life. That is, until he meets Genie. She’s refreshing, but she’s totally wrong for him, in every way, besides, she’s a debutante.

I LOVED Grant’s character. He was hilariously flawed, the dialogue between him and Genie was reminiscent of something you would read in a Heyer novel. Miss Forester got the language PERFECTLY.

Genie, as I said previously, was hilarious. I loved her spunk and her ability to draw in Grant.

The kissing scenes were very well drawn out and I found myself waiting with baited breath for our two main characters to get more alone time.

All in all a wonderfully crafted regency romance that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good romp!