Review: A Hunter’s Blade by Cera DuBois

A Hunter’s Blade by Cera DuBois
Series: Hunter’s Dagger (# 2)
Release Date: October 1, 2012
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Pages: 191
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Brigit Wolfe, a born werewolf, hasn’t killed a human in over a hundred years, although now she wonders if the animal attacking people in Silver Creek, Colorado, isn’t her. But she might have bigger problems when her cowboy neighbor, Austin Calhoun, ambles into her bar. Austin hasn’t been a vampire for long, but he is determined to prove to himself that he’s worthy of his hunter’s dagger. Brigit’s rare beauty and blade-sharp tongue enchant him. She ignites a passion he thought was dead, but is she the killer his master sent him to destroy? During Austin’s investigation regarding Brigit’s involvement in the deaths, an old crime surfaces connected to her human best friend. These two immortal enemies have to join forces to solve the mystery before someone else dies. But can they survive the heat of their own desire?


Review: After my disappointment with A Hunter’s Angel I was bit wary about reading the second book in the series as I feared it may have yielded the same results. However my fears were short-lived as A Hunter’s Blade, proved to be a much better read. It had all the elements I was hoping for. It had the mystery, suspense the action and the romance that had me turning the pages. I completed this book in less than a day and I was so disappointed when it ended.

Brigit Wolfe was born a werewolf which makes her unique as she was called a Lykan. She is a strong, compassionate and beautiful individual. She has not killed any humans in over a hundred years. She however began to panic when humans started turning up dead after the passing of the full moon and she has no recollection of what transpired during that time. This feeling of panic intensified when a hunter named Austin appeared and started asking questions about these mysterious killings.

Austin is a recently turned vampire who has been struggling when it came to his feedings as he was determined not to kill any humans. He had remarkable self- control when it came to this issue. He was also a very compassionate vampire which is considered to be a rare trait. Before being turned he was a FBI agent. To have better idea of who Austin was before he was turned readers will have to read A Hunter’s Angel. Austin was in town to investigate the recent string of murders that has been occurring during the full moon. His main suspect was Brigit but somehow he was unable to reconcile this with the feelings he found himself developing for her. There was no way she could be his mate and be responsible for these killings.

Brigit could not afford to be attracted to Austin as he is a vampire and a werewolf’s mortal enemy. This was further compounded by the fact that his master was responsible for her not having a pack. She tried to fight the attraction but this proved futile. Her feelings further intensified when he saw that he was not the cold and unfeeling bloodsucker that she believed him to be. Austin was able to convince her to work with him in order to prove her innocence. I absolutely loved Austin and Brigit together. Together they were a force to be reckoned with.

It was great to see Brigit overcome her prejudices as it relates to vampires. This enabled her to be able to accept her love for Austin and be able to move ahead with her life. Austin was not afraid to admit his feelings for Brigit. This showed his humane side coupled with the fact that he tried to be of help to persons who were in need. The romance between them was hot. I liked the fact that they had to fight for it as it made it appear more realistic. The attraction between them was immediate but the love happened gradually.

Figuring out the serial killer was not difficult but trying to determine what next was the killer’s agenda was what had me turning the pages.  This was an easy read. The writing style was descriptive which helped to make feel if I was on the sidelines looking in. I really liked reading this story. It’s an improvement to the first book in the series and I am looking forward to what next the author has in store as it relates to this series.

Favorite Quote: “Let’s get something established about werewolves. There are two kinds. The lesser wolves who are made. And the Lykan who are born. I’m not one of the degenerates. I was born a Lykan in 1647. The first child of Valeriu and Elena. I’m an alpha and you are nothing more than a fledgling just hatched.”