Guest: Delphine Dryden

Today we welcome Delphine Dryden to Romancing the Book.  Before we get to her Top 5 Signs That a Geek is Into You, let’s learn a little about her.

Delphine tried unsuccessfully to get past being an English major by becoming a lawyer, a special education teacher, and an educational diagnostician. She finally gave up the fight several years ago and began writing full-time. When not writing or doing “mommy stuff” Delphine reads voraciously and noodles around with web design. She counts herself fortunate to have two absurdly precocious children, and two delightful if occasionally disobedient mutts. Delphine and her family are all Texas natives, and reside in unapologetic suburban bliss near Houston. You can find her on her websiteFacebookTwitter and Goodreads.


5 Subtle Signs that a Geek Is Into You

1) He starts talking about one topic…a lot.

This is the geek-boy equivalent of a peacock flaring its tail in a glorious display. The geek wants to show you how big his brain is. How deep he can go with his enormous…knowledge. Humor him. Don’t attempt to steer the conversation to another topic at this juncture, even if you feel your eyes glazing over. The geek is talking this much because he’s nervous, and you don’t want to scare him away. Just nod and smile.

2) Throwing out references to see if you know them.

“Do you speak my language?” the geek asks. Not in so many words, of course. He’ll reach out with quotes from movies and television shows, to see if you know the appropriate response or the rest of the phrase. Protip: If a hot geek you admire says, “Twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut!” the appropriate response is, “Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.” Inappropriate response: “Anybody want a peanut?” (the geek may then scorn you for confusing a Simpsons reference with The Princess Bride).

3) Trying to one-up you.

Because the geek is anxious, he’ll often attempt to assert his primacy to get back into his comfort zone of smug superiority. Not content with the single Simpsons quote, he’ll continue the dialogue in hopes you’ll forget a line before he does (“Twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut!” “Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.” “Explain how!” “Money can be exchanged for goods and services.” “Woohoo!”) Or he’ll take pains to demonstrate his knowledge of the minutiae of Lord of the Rings genealogy surpasses yours (“Um…that’s because the Black Speech wasn’t based on Quenya, duh. Both the Black Speech and Quenya were based on Valarin. Pfft.”). He may well try to engage you in an argument about why your opinion about a particular movie, TV show, book, etc. is completely wrong.

At this point you will doubtless being to wonder how the geek’s people have ever managed to procreate.

4) The Great Media Exchange

At some point, if the geek likes you and you don’t get fed up with his verbal posturings, the geek may offer to lend you something he feels you should watch/listen to/read. Whatever it is, take it! It’s a good sign! But remember this is a test, and be sure to give it back in pristine condition within a reasonable amount of time.

5) He asks you over for “game night.”

He wants you to meet, and play tabletop games of some sort with, his friends. You are in. Congratulations!

Do you have better luck than I do, or is this pretty typical? How have the geeks in your life flirted?


(1 Curious Sub + 1 Dom in Denial) –  Inhibitions = 4 Naughty Nights

Wildlife biologist Lindsey thought attending a fan convention with her new boyfriend Ben was a great idea — until their relationship imploded. Lindsey still lusts after her ex — but if he wants her, he’s going to have to prove he can give her what she needs.

Ben will do anything to win Lindsey back, and when he sees her in her skimpy black vinyl convention getup, he realizes what she’s been craving all along. And he’s inspired to finally give in to his own dark desire to take complete sexual control…

Lindsey is surprised by her reaction to Ben’s kinky new seduction techniques, and suddenly sees the brilliant but boring code guru in a different light. After several erotic encounters in hotel rooms and stairwells, she’s falling for him all over again. And wondering if the intimate connection will last once they head home…



“What? I can be assertive.”

“It’s okay, Ben, not all the wolves in the pack need to be the alpha.”


But that was what she wanted. She didn’t have to say it — he just knew. An alpha wolf, a representative manly male. How to square that with her infatuation, or whatever it was, with Ivan? Dr. Reynolds was hardly a quintessential leader of the pack. Even the pack of nerds. Ben couldn’t figure it out.

But he’d been assertive earlier, sort of, with that stare back in the camper. Or maybe just plain aggressive. Holding Lindsey’s eyes, thinking about every time they’d ever done it, willing her to remember every time he’d made her scream. And unless he was very much mistaken, it had turned her crank hard and fast. If he tried it again, would it work the same way?

Hoping he didn’t look like a psycho killer, Ben leveled his gaze at Lindsey as she straightened from her suitcase with her Slave Leia costume in hand. Ignoring that distraction with superhuman effort, he raised one eyebrow at her and repeated himself slowly and deliberately.

“I can be assertive.”

Whoa. She blushed.


She blushed and stammered. And had the same rabbit-in-the-cobra’s-thrall stare she’d had at that barbecue so many months ago, when she talked to Ivan about her godawful trip to the jungle. Now she was in Ben’s thrall. Could he keep her there?

This definitely required further research. He decided to try being more assertive right then and there. Before Lindsey could raise her guard again, he closed the distance between them and kissed her, harder than he’d planned to.