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Hi all,

I’d first like to express my thanks at being here and having the opportunity to introduce you to my work. My name is Marie Rose Dufour. I’m one of the Featured Authors at AAD in Savannah this year. I am super excited because it’s my first time going and being a featured author. You can find me hanging with the other authors from Secret Cravings Publishing, which is my extremely awesome publisher. We’ll be having some great events and prizes for the readers. I’ll also be on a few of the panels. I’m both excited and a bit nervous about that!!! I hear that everyone is wonderful though, so I shouldn’t be nervous.

Today, I’m here interviewing Nathaniel Caswell, one of the main characters and super hot sheriff of a small town in Massachusetts called Springbrook, from the book Bound in Evil, Book One in the Bound Trilogy.

Marie:  First off, I’d like to thank you Nate, can I call you Nate, for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me?

Nate:  Sure, the only person who calls Nathaniel is my mother. Springbrook is a small town with not much happening, so I can take a few minutes to talk. If anything important happens, the Sheriff’s office knows how to get in touch with me.

Marie:  Thanks so much! Let’s get down to it. First question, if we were to take a look on your IPod, what type of music would we find?

Nate:  (He laughs and his amazingly dreamy green eyes flash with amusement.) I have really eclectic taste in music. It all depends on my mood. If I’m carving in my studio, I like to listen to rock, so it might be Ozzie’s Bark at the Moon, Pantera, Metallica, and Korn. If I’m relaxing in my pool, I might be listening to classic rock like Boston or Foreigner. Then, I’ve also been known to play classical music throughout the house if the mood strikes me. What can I say, I’m unique.

Marie:  Well, you certainly are that. You just mentioned woodcarving. Is that one of your hobbies?

Nate:  Yes, when I’m not working I like to walk through the woods around my house and look for the exact special wood to carve. I know this is going to sound weird but the wood actually tells me what it wants to be. So I bring it back to the studio and hammer and chisel away until it becomes what it was meant to be.

Marie:  Wow! I’ve always heard that the material decides on what it is due to the size or shape but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it the way you do.

Nate:  (He shifts in his seat looking slightly uncomfortable.) If that’s what you think.

Marie:  I have to say that your eyes are the most gorgeous shade of green; I’ve ever seen and am quite distracting. Do they get you any unwanted attention?

Nate:  Wow. Marie, you make someone feel at home and then start asking the tough questions. I’m sure you’re talking about the much publicize prophecy in my family concerning a green eyed witch who is destined to meet the other half of his soul and unleash a terrible evil upon the Earth.

Marie:  Um… I was talking about how really attractive you’re eyes were but since you brought it up, could you talk a little bit more about this prophecy?

Nate:  I can tell you I’ll never allow it to happen. Let’s face it. If you knew the by-product of falling in love resulted in the ultimate fight between good and evil, would you ever fall in love?

Marie:  Ok, so you’re saying you’ve never been in love and have decided that you never will be?

Nate:  Exactly.

Marie:  You know that’s impossible, right? You don’t even know whom the woman who’s supposed to be your other half really is.

Nate:  Just watch me, honey. I know a bit about her. So if I just stay away from that type of woman. The world is all-good.

(Nate’s cell phone goes off and he briefly excuses himself.)  I’m sorry Marie but I’m going to have to cut off this interview. We have a situation with some local boys setting off stolen fireworks in a shed. I have to go.

Marie:  Wait, just one last question. What do you know about her?

Nate:  (Nate’s eyes darkened with intense sadness.) I’ve seen her eyes. She’s got eyes as blue as the sky on a warm summer day.  So no blue eyes and I’m good.

Sorry I have to leave but this interview has to be over right now.


Thanks for joining me and learning a bit about Nate, the main character in Bound in Evil.

Here’s a short excerpt from the book:

Thunder boomed and lightening cracked as his office door flew opened and crashed against the opposite wall. His nephew looking as wild as the weather outside slaked into his office with Marcy fluttering in nervously behind him.

“Dr. Caswell, I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen.”

Marshall sighed. This was going to be harder than he thought. “It’s alright, Marcy. Why don’t you take some tea and leave early for the day? The storm outside will be over soon, although I have a feeling the one in here will take a while longer to clear up.”

Marcy cast a dubious glance at the weather outside and then back and forth between the two men. “Are you sure?”

Marshall raised a bushy black eyebrow at his nephew. “I guarantee it.”

He watched Nate pace across his office like a caged tiger over to the window, which overlooked the water. Nate braced both hands on either side of the window staring unseeingly at the weather beyond the glass.

The click of the door echoed in the room like a shot signally Marcy’s departure.

“Before we even have any type of conversation, Nate, I want you to do something about that little weather situation you created outside.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Nate grumbled through tightly clenched teeth.

Marshall slammed his hand against the top of his desk, the waves of his anger rippling out into the room. “Who are you trying to convince more, me or yourself? Just because you chose to turn your back away from magic doesn’t mean it turns its back on you. Fix it now before the whole town thinks the devil himself has come for a visit.”

He watched Nate’s back rise and fall as the man took deep calming breaths into his lungs. He watched him do this many times as a child. His mother, Nate’s grandmother, taught him a calming spell at eight years old when he almost let loose a hurricane on the town when his little sister, Gemma, used his lucky baseball bat as kindling in a fire. Breathing deeply, while reciting the chant in your head, calmed your spirit and settled your emotions. As the storm began to break up and recede over the bay, Marshall released a breath he hadn’t known he was holding. At least he hadn’t forgotten the training he received as a child. Nate would have to rely on that training soon enough.

When Nate turned away from the window his eyes were no longer wild with anger. It simmered under the surface, only now it no longer boiled over and affected everything around him. He opened his mouth to start speaking when Marcy decided to make another appearance to bring in two cups of steaming tea. Marshall watched as his nephew graciously accepted the offered tea before wrapping his hands around his own mug. He inhaled the spiciness of the mix and felt himself become stronger with its healing properties. The first sip went down smoother than good scotch, warming his insides and spreading like the safety of a warm blanket surrounding his entire body. His sister, Aleesha, had a true gift when it came to creating herbal remedies. He could almost hear her healing chant with every sip.

Marcy quietly let herself out and in a matter of minutes, the outer door also closed signally that she left for the day. Alone now with Nate, they could discuss the issue at hand without any interruptions. Neither one of them rushed to speak; both stood for a while silently sipping the delicious tea and basking in its healing glow. Marshall motioned to a chair in front of his desk while he sat in how own leather chair behind it, seeing no need to continue to stand. The conversation they were about to have would be best conducted while seated. It wouldn’t be over quickly and he felt too shaky still to discuss this standing up.

He eyed Nate from behind the mahogany barrier, trying to decide if he was calm enough to have a conversation. “Are you ready to have a rational conversation?”

Nathaniel carefully placed his mug on the polished surface of the desk, leaned back in the chair, and focused his clear green eyes on him with a laser-like stare. “How dare you hire a new guidance counselor for this town without consulting with me first? I’m the sheriff of this town and am on all interview committees if there is an applicant from out of town.”

Marshall leaned forward across the desk, “And I’m the superintendent of the school district here. I can hire anyone whom I see fit.”

Nate slammed his fist down on the desk rattling the mug. The sound of thunder echoed in the distance. “You know I should have been involved.”

Marshall made sure to keep his tone as neutral as possible. “I’ve hired many people before without a problem. What’s the issue right now?”

He had the decency to look uncomfortable and broke eye contact with him. “You know I need to have a say on all the women hired in the town. All women who come from out of town that is.”

“You know, son, if someone heard that statement they’d end up taking it the wrong way and you’d be slapped with a sexual harassment suit.”

The young man sprang up from his seat and paced the floor like a caged tiger again. “You know why!” He pointed his finger at him. “The signs are all around us and you do something like this. I just don’t understand.”

Marshall’s eyes softened and so did his tone. “What is there to understand? I simply hired a guidance counselor.”

Nate gave him a smile that didn’t quite mask the sorrow in his eyes. “And sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, right?”

“I understand how you f…”

“No, you don’t understand,” he interrupted. “No one understands what it’s like, how the weight of being the beginning of possibly the end crushes you over the years. How even your family looks at you funny sometimes, like they’re waiting for your head to spin a one-eighty and spit out pea soup. You’ll never understand what I saw.”  He looked with unseeing eyes down at his hands in front of him, remembering bad memories from a long time ago. Those hands started to visibly tremble before they fisted and were brought to his sides once again.

The pain Marshall saw in his eyes would have staggered him if he weren’t already sitting down. He closed his eyes to ward off the pain coming off his nephew in waves, as a matter of self-preservation at this point. Already weak from helping Marcy, even touching an ounce of this would be devastating. He didn’t know how he lived with it day after day. Nate had been right, he didn’t understand.

“I’m sorry Nate. The hiring stands.”

“So you’re fully prepared to deal with the consequences of what could possibly happen?”

Marshall exhaled a long tired sigh. “We’ve all been prepared since birth to deal with what is coming our way. Some of us prefer to live our lives instead of hiding from it.”

The desperate chuckle that came out of Nate’s mouth sounded anything but joyful. “Yeah, living your life though won’t unleash an evil that’s been imprisoned for hundreds of years.”

“You know what? I’m sick and tired of how you’ve used the prophecy as an excuse for not living your life. You’re not the only one who has a role to play in this. We all do.  Everyone’s terrified, despite of it we haven’t closed ourselves off so get over it or you’ll be defeated by yourself a lot sooner than any evil yet to come.”

By the look on Nate’s face, he knew he just shocked him. So wrapped up in his own role, he never gave any thought to the people around him.

“Now why don’t you get out of my office? My phone’s about to ring; your aunt gets concerned when I get upset. All I can say is I’m sorry, I did what had to be done.”

Sure enough, his phone started buzzing a second later. “Hold on a sec, honey. Nathaniel was just leaving.” He glanced at him again. “Do you need anything else?”

“Just tell me, what’s the color of her eyes?”


Marie Rose Dufour’s Bio

Writing has always been part of my life. As the oldest of four, I would write stories and plays to amuse my younger siblings. At the age of thirteen, I was published in the school paper. It was a narrative about a talking squirrel. In high school, I graduated into writing “fan fiction” where my favorite movie stars were the stars. I would read them to my friends at lunch. I was never seen without a notebook in my hand for my writing.

I always am thinking up stories in my head, so it was a natural progression to start putting them on paper. My dream of becoming a published author came true with the publication of my first novella Fated Mates!

I live in Rhode Island with my wonderful husband, who the minute he walked through the door of Friendly’s Ice Cream, I knew I would marry him. We share our little house with two crazy cats who think they share their house with us!

Places you can find me

Website | Facebook | Twitter

What’s next for me?

I’m almost done with the second book in the Bound series called Bound in Deceit which should be released in August, hopefully just in time for AAD. Then, I move on to the third book in the series, Bound in Innocence.

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