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Thanks so much for having me today! I’m Jae Lynne Davies, author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I’ve been known to throw a few erotic elements into my stories, so I feel it’s only fair to warn you that the one I’m about to introduce has plenty of hot moments that could leave you reaching for the nearest glass of ice water. I’m here today to give you a glimpse beyond the pages of my latest release, Desires of a Dark Lord.

Desires of a Dark Lord is the story of rare incubus demon, Ronan who is ordered to claim the soul of a particular human woman. He accepts the challenge with the promise of power and long desired freedom from the confines of hell.

Soon after his arrival on earth, he meets his target—curvaceous attorney, Ginevra Gimes and vows to deliver her every desire so long as she promises her soul in return. But when the two connect on a level neither one expects, Ginevra and Ronan succumb to mutual and forbidden passion.

While an undeniable bond exists between them, and their time spent together only brings them closer, can he surrender her to another or will he risk eternal slavery to claim her for himself?

As promised, I’m taking you beyond the pages of my manuscript, into the heart and soul of the story. Music has always played a large role in my writing process. When I open any manuscript, I’ll always download a playlist of songs that inspire particular scenes or characters and will often lead to a smooth and fulfilling writing experience.

When I began writing Desires of a Dark Lord, I knew the path Ronan and Ginevra were destined to walk would be a challenging one. And since I tend to favor Rock music, my tastes gravitated in that direction and seemed to fit the tone of the story.

From the hard guitar chords of Metallica in a club on the third level of hell, to a tender scene between the couple to the tune of Beautiful With You by Halestorm, these selected songs have been the soundtrack to my story, evoking feelings similar to those of the characters. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.



Here’s a short excerpt to tease you:

Ginevra’s eyes fluttered open and the bright light of a summer sun filled her bedroom with a warm glow. Morning.

She rose from her peaceful slumber, sat erect in her queen-size bed and took a deep breath. As she recalled scattered memories from the night before, her hand traveled to her lips in reminder of a fantasy kiss with a man she didn’t know. A smile stretched her mouth then she tossed off the comforter and headed for the bathroom.

Still dressed in attire from last night, she reached inside the shower and initiated the flow of water then removed her dress and stepped inside onto the cool tile floor. God, the water never felt so good beating against her flesh. She could’ve stood there for hours.

After a quick shampoo and body wash, she turned off the water and stepped out onto the floor mat. She then toweled dry and dressed in loose fitting sweatpants and a baby doll t-shirt then wiggled her toes into a pair of rhinestone studded black flip-flop sandals. Like most, she relished the weekends, but instead of indulging in the pleasures of time off, she rushed downstairs and pressed the power button on her laptop. Work called. Work always called and her job never seemed to end.

A quick peek through glass at the front door and a typical Saturday morning in the suburbs came into view. Children bicycled down her street while adults hosed down their vehicles in their respective driveways or strolled along the sidewalk with furred friends beside them. She squinted as the glare off the hood of her car parked in the driveway caught her by surprise. As she turned away from the door, she shook her head in an attempt to restore clarity. There were a great number of things unclear but she knew for certain she didn’t drive home last night. So how did the car wind up outside her house?

With a furrowed brow, she wandered into the kitchen inserted a  K-cup in her Keurig coffeemaker then pressed the brew button. Her shoulders dropped as the heavenly aromatic burst of coffee beans and boiling water filled the air and the ceramic cup at the base of the machine. She couldn’t wait to wrap her hands around a hot mug to start the day.  A few steps to the right and she reached for the handle of her stainless steel refrigerator and opened the door. She grabbed a pint of fresh strawberries and a vanilla yogurt then backed away from the appliance and closed the door.

“Good morning,” a voice rumbled from her living room sofa.

She froze in place and her eyes bugged out of their sockets. In an instant, her throat grew dry and she looked to the left, over the granite countertop and into the living room. She surveyed the area but saw no one. Great, now I’m hearing voices.

Back to the counter she turned and stepped into a wall of muscle covered in a dark, half-unbuttoned shirt and matching pants. His hair, still fastened away from his face with the exception of a few loose strands, looked soft to the touch and one gaze into his mesmeric eyes rendered her speechless. The man who stood before her needed no introduction. She knew his name, his scent, his…mouth. Ronan.


* * * * *

Jae Lynne is a proud wife, mother and author who wishes there were more hours in a day to balance all three and a full-time job.  But whenever she finds a spare moment (usually in the late hours of the night when her husband and two young children are visiting the land of dreams), you’ll find her sitting in front of her laptop typing the next chapter!

Jae Lynne has always had an affinity for writing of any kind. However, it wasn’t until she lost her beloved grandfather, and found herself writing a heartfelt eulogy, that her true passion awakened. After a somber delivery to honor her treasured family member, she decided to place fingers to her laptop keyboard. The rest, as they say, is history.

Her favorite stories are those that don’t involve an average everyday couple. Instead, she prefers conflict and believable, but forbidden relationships. In fact, the more complex, the better, which might explain her desire to create erotically-charged paranormal tales that she hopes leaves readers intrigued and thirsting for more.

To learn more about Jae Lynne’s work, you can find her at the following sites:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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8 thoughts on “AAD Playlist & Contest: Jae Lynne Davies

  1. D.L. says:

    Great post Jae! Although “could leave you reaching for the nearest glass of ice water” is a bit understated don’t ya think 😉 Woooweee, girl you melt my Kindle with this hotness!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, DL!

    Well, I suppose I could’ve warned you to keep a bottle of liquor nearby, but ice water worked too. Pick your poison. LOL

    Anyhow, thanks for lovely comment. Hope you enjoyed the book!

  3. Terry says:

    *taps chin with finger, thinking* Yep, I am definitely becoming a morning person!! I am looking forward to reading your new book. I am wondering if this is going to be a stand alone book or a series. Because after this tasty tid bit I’m not sure one Demon will be enough. *sly smile*

    Thanks Jae!!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Terry. You know, I wasn’t sure where this story would go. I thought it might be a stand alone book, but once it ended, Luca (you’ll meet him in Desires of a Dark Lord) demanded his own story. Book two will be titled, Destiny of a Dark Lord. I haven’t posted a blurb just yet, because I want to give people the fair chance of reading Desires first. But look for it on Goodreads soon!

  4. bn100 says:

    the demons with the horns because they’re the only paranormal creature I’ve read that have them

  5. Moira says:

    Thanks for the little peek of Desires of a Dark Lord Jae. So impatiently waiting for it to come out. Can’t wait to read your Demons as I love your Vampires.

  6. Joanne B says:

    I like reading about all Demons, don’t have a favorite(variety is the spice of life). I’ve never read a srory with an incubus demon. It sounds intriguing. Thanks for that guest post, mucis playlist, excerpt, and giveaway.

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