Review: Nicholas by Grace Burrowes

Nicholas by Grace Burrowes
Series: Lonely Lords (# 2)
Release Date: May 7, 2013
Publisher:   Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 450
Source:  book provided by NetGalley for review

Nicholas Haddonfield has something to hide…

Viscount Nick Haddonfield has a good reason to insist on a marriage of convenience only, but when he finds the lady who would make the perfect countess in a white marriage—he spoils everything by falling in love with his wife…

An extraordinary and passionate tale of courage tested and fears overcome. Once you enter the lush Regency world of award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes, you’ll never want to leave.


Review: Miss Burrowes, you are seriously cutting into all my other activities during the day, including but not limited to, eating, cleaning, doing dishes–you get the picture.

This book started out a bit slower to me than Darius, the other one I read in this series, but not in a bad way. I really think Miss. Burrowes had to set the story. I kept reading only because I had liked Darius so much that I knew she would pull through with this second installment of the Lonely Lords and let me tell you- I was not disappointed.

I fell in love-IN LOVE– with Nicholas. He was like a regency Thor. If you are a historical romance fanatic you’ll know that most regency men were quite short, not attractive, and definitely not Thor like. Nicholas was EVERYTHING a girl could want in an English lord, fiercely protective, hilarious, quick witted, rich, and an all around good guy.

My heart broke for Leah in this book. Several times I caught myself crying over her situation. Here this amazing lord offers his protection by marriage but withholds the one thing she’s wanted her entire life–love and acceptance.

She loves him despite his ability to give her what she needs and then in the end sacrifices their relationship in order to protect them both.

I may have bawled. I can’t remember. I think I blacked out from severe emotional trauma.

The book had an amazing happily ever after and both Nicholas and Leah were beautifully drawn out as living, breathing characters.

If I could give it more roses, I would.

I recommend this for anyone who loves a good historical romance. There is some swearing, though minor, and a few love scenes.