Review: Mated to the Devil by Eve Langlais

Mated to the Devil by Eve Langlais
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher:  Amira Press
Pages: 215
Source:  Contest win at Library Thing

Mina wants to put her seduction by a golden-eyed devil behind her, but the birth of her son Jacques renders that impossible. She tries to forget the only man who ever roused her passion, but when she notices her son exhibiting strange behavior–and less than human characteristics–she realizes she must face her past and learn to trust, and love, again.

Howling drunk, the one thing Remy clearly remembers is seducing Mina. A pity he didn’t think to get her address, especially since he marks her as his mate. When she disappears, he’s got plenty of time to regret, but he doesn’t get a chance to atone until she comes back into his life with an unexpected surprise.

Thrust into the role of father, Remy works to bond with his son while at the same time gaining forgiveness. But will he get the chance to truly make her his mate before danger threatens their fragile happiness?

WARNING: Not all pleasures are a sin…


Review: Take a smokin’ hot Lycan who has found but then lost his mate, a woman who has tried to leave said Lycan in the past and a little boy who is displaying some very strange behavior; put them together and you have the recipe for a page flipping good time. Mated to the Devil is high on my list of great reads this year. From the first page to the last it had me wanting more.

For a college student, Remy’s character seems to act typical for his age. Immature and impulsive he quickly lives to regret the one night of drunken lost control. Plus his father being there in the morning helps him see the light! I could tell he had it in him to be more than just a dumb kid from the start and he didn’t let me down. His passion is obvious from the very first pages and it never cools. I adore hot men in novels, they never disappoint me. They are oh so protective and when the bad boys come around they are always so good.

Mina’s back story is one that is pretty bleak. Some of what happens to her seems harsh and her family is awful but she manages to grow up quickly, pull through and keep going. I couldn’t get myself to care too deeply for her though because her behaviors were generally inconsistent. I kept feeling like her story skipped or had holes in it. While typing this it hit me that I felt like she was living more on autopilot most of the time. I think I expected more fire from her. I really liked Jacques, their son, he has a great personality and even as young as he is he was already showing what kind of qualities he was going to have as an adult.

If we could rate in half stars I would give it four and a half stars. My only complaint would be that I thought that Mina’s side of the story and also how they are found needed something more. Mina felt a little hollow to me but maybe this will become a series and some of the vagaries I sensed will be explained. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and encourage you to read it.