Review: Mark of the Sylph by Rosalie Lario

Mark of the Sylph by Rosalie Lario
Series: Demons of Infernum (# 2)
Release Date: March 26,2013
Publisher:  Entangled Select
Pages: 270
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Half-demon Taeg is desperate to free his pregnant sister-in-law, who is spellbound to an indestructible book that will create an army of the undead. He is convinced that an ancient sword can destroy the book and the spell forever, but this relic has been hidden for a millennia by a powerful glamour. The clock begins to run out on his search when an old rival goes after the book and Taeg’s family in his quest for revenge.

Librarian Maya Flores has a secret: she’s immune to magic and is well aware of the supernatural beings prowling the streets of New York City. Haunted by a brutal demon attack that took her family, she is on a one-woman mission to destroy the evil demons who did it—and any others who get in her way.

Maya is Taeg’s best hope for uncovering the sword. Unfortunately, she wants nothing more than to kill him. As he fights for her trust and to save his family, she is forced to face the truth that not all demons are evil. And the worst part? She might be falling in love with one, too.


Review: This is a great new series and I wish I had read the first one.

Imagine my surprise when I started reading this book and found out it was about a half-demon named Taeg. To find out that he had fairy blood in him to. I never thought I would read about a combination like this. I also met other half-demons that had other parts that I never thought I would read about. Such a sexy demon and I wish I could really meet him.

Maya Flores is a librarian. What everyone else doesn’t know is that she can also see what others really are. She can’t be glamored and magic doesn’t work with her. She is on a mission to rid the world of every single demon that she can. She is a really kick butt woman. One I would love to be.

To say that I really got into this book is an understatement. The author did a wonderful job bringing this story to life. It was a very thrilling read and was full of excitement. I loved how Maya wasn’t a woman that would back down from anything. I love when a woman in the leading role can stick up for herself and doesn’t let a man make all her choices.

I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. I know I will have to go and read the first one. I won’t mind that since I had such a great time reading this one. This is the first time that I have read a book by this author. This is why I love what I do. I am always finding more and more new authors to read about. It’s great getting a change every once in awhile.

This was pretty action packed. I love reading about men that will do anything for his family and doesn’t back down even when he knows that he might lose what he holds dear. These two were really well matched. I just want to thank the author for doing such a wonderful job writing the book and the characters really kicked butt.

If you love paranormal books and want to change it up a little bit then this is the book for you.

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