Review: Dark Revenge by Jennifer Leeland

Dark Revenge by Jennifer Leeland
Release Date: January 27, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Page: 266
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

“I like my sex rough and my women restrained.” So declares Alex’s captor, shortly after they’re mated in a ritual of vengeance. Though her body lustfully yields to her new mate’s dominant will, her mind is only too aware of the tumultuous past they share. She and Tory fought side by side in the military…until he was exiled for treason, an accusation leveled and proven by Alex’s own brother. Tory is determined to take revenge on the family who falsely accused him…and to win back the woman he’s always loved. If he can’t win her heart, though, he’ll settle for her body-preferably tied up, flogged and begging for him. When they find themselves in the middle of a brewing civil war, they have to learn to trust each other with more than just their bodies. If they can’t, humanity itself may pay the price.


Review: Dark Revenge by Jennifer Leeland is not part of a series but there is definitely room for Ms. Leeland to start one. The world she created is very complex and with endless characters, there is room for more stories from this world.

Alexander Zeerah is the on a mission to deliver cargo to a specific point. Alex, on the first families of Teran One, is one of the last two daughter of her blood line. Tory Ingle captures her. Alex is a very complex character and strong character. It is obvious that she is torn between what she wants and what she has promised to do. She had always trusted Tory until he was exiled.

Tory Ingle was exiled from Teran One because of allegations alleged by Alex’s brother. Tory wants a new trial to prove his innocence. Tory has always loved Alex even before being exiled. Tory is a smart man who plays things close to the vest. It is obvious that he does not trust many in his life.

The chemistry between Tory and Alex is off the charts. It was fascinating to see the how both characters fought themselves to make this relationship work between them. The sex scenes were very molten hot. Sex seems to be the one thing that works between both Alex, and Tory.

I would have loved if the author spent more time with just the main characters. They seemed secondary to the story being told. Otherwise, this was a wonderful story. I enjoyed it very much. I hope there are more stories from this very interesting world she created.

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