Review: Cuff Master by Frances Stockton

Cuff Master by Frances Stockton
Release Date: August 22, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 359
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Detective Ethan Maddox and psychic Morgan Everhart are on the cusp of a relationship, if she can forgive him for doubting her abilities when they first met. A Master with a fetish for handcuffs, he recognizes Morgan is a submissive who needs a patient man to guide her safely into the D/s lifestyle. He is determined to claim her.

Inviting her for a moonlit walk, Ethan kisses Morgan and her seduction begins, until a teenaged ghost interrupts. Ethan is skeptical of the supernatural, but if he doesn’t open his mind he may never collar the woman he loves.

As they work together to solve a cold case, Ethan introduces Morgan to the very dark, seductive world of sex, submission, bondage and dungeons. All the while, danger is growing. If Ethan doesn’t find a young girl’s killer soon, all could be lost.


Review: Cuff Master by Frances Stockton is not part of a series but characters from some of Frances Stockton’s other books like Playing Doctor, Ink Master, Field of Play, and Quarterback Blitz. I chose this book because I have always enjoyed Frances Stockton’s books.

Morgan is a psychic she picks up feelings and images from the things that she touches around her. She is very honest with her abilities and to the people around her. I loved that she never exploited abilities.

Ethan is a detective as well as a Dom. He has soft spot for Moran and while he does not understand her gifts, he will protect her. He is willing to learn about her gifts and help her as best he can.

The chemistry between Ethan and Morgan is off the charts. They are a great match. I love that Morgan cannot pick up anything from Ethan. He ends up being the soft place that she can fall. The sex scenes are hot and spicy. I enjoyed how BDSM elements were combined in the story and in the bedroom.

I enjoyed how the mystery that surrounded the death of a little girl that came to Morgan for help did not overshadow the budding relationship between Moran and Ethan in the book. The author had a wonderful balance between the two.

The only thing that could have made this story better is if the ending was flushed out more. It seemed a bit rushed. Overall, this was a wonderful story. It makes you want to read the other stories in the group and more from Frances Stockton. I cannot wait for Taran’s story!