Review: Claim Me by Calista Fox

Claim Me by Calista Fox
Series: Body Scenes (# 4)
Release Date: January 27, 2012
Publisher:   Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 59
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Jane longs for a human’s touch. Being a vampire precludes her from seeking an elusive fulfillment and ever-burning craving. Then, one unexpected night, two devastatingly handsome and intensely passionate shapeshifters imprint on her.

Werewolf alpha Jude isn’t accustomed to sharing a mate, but what choice does he have when both he and his second, Cray, pick up the beautiful British vampire’s seductive scent and are innately and physically drawn to her? What starts out as a sticky situation turns into a touchy-feely one that results in a scorching-hot three-way love affair. But the wolves are being hunted by an ousted pack member looking for revenge and they’ve already suffered one loss—Jude’s former lover.

Suddenly, more than Jane’s heart is on the line—the fate of her very existence is in the hands of her sexy shifters.


Review: Really hot menage between one female vampire and two werewolf males.

All Jane wants is to feel a warm body because she needs some love and warmth in her life. She had always had a on and off again with her boss Drake. It all changed when he found his true love. She just wants to feel again. So she sits in the office watching the cameras of humans having sex in the club.

Everything changes when she is claimed by not one but two werewolves without her permission. Jude and Cray knew she was their mate the first time that they caught her scent. I have never known anything to be as strong as this mating. How can you mark someone by looking at them through a security camera? That is strong.

I loved watching two wolves dealing with one being an alpha and the next his second in command. They hate to share. I could feel all of their feelings that they had to fight between the three of them. Both Jane and Jude had to get over pain from past loves.

You knew that you were in for a hot read when you get such hot beings together. I never thought I would see vampires and werewolves mate. I guess with the right kind of imagination anything is bound to happen. I know I couldn’t let two sexy wolves go. I would just give in and say take me who cares about the consequences.

I missed the other three books in this series. I never felt I was missing out on anything. I will be going back to read them just to see what other sexual escapades I will get to experience.

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