Review: Anya’s Dragons by Gabriella Bradley

Anya’s Dragons by Gabriella Bradley
Release Date: October 1, 2012
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
Pages: 90
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

A peaceful world becomes the target for alien treasure seekers who kill all the inhabitants of the castle in their bid to find the hidden object. They are successful in wiping out all the occupants…almost.

Running through the forest, Anya doesn’t bother to look back. Her family and friends are dead and those who did the deed are coming after her next. An exhausted night’s sleep ends in a shocked waking when she finds herself surrounded by strangers.

In the caves of the dragons Anya is pressed into service of the two males who rescued her, and they find it hard to keep control of their instincts when impulse seems far more attractive.


Review: Anya’s castle is under attack by aliens and they kill all of her family. She runs away so that she will be able to stay alive. She wakes up and finds out two dragons have saved her named Cyton and Yerith. What Anya doesn’t know is that fate has plans for her. So what happens when she finds out that she has to be queen and take two sexy dragons with her?

I enjoyed reading something a little different. I feel in love with Cyton and Yerith. They are two male dragons that know what they want and go after it. Secrets will be revealed that will change everyone’s lives. There is also a threat against Anya’s life.

The passion between all three characters is hot and spicy. The author did a great job bringing out all of the feelings of her characters. The plot was easy to follow and had an easy tempo and I never felt I was missing out on any strong issues in the story.

I will warn you this is one hot read and has one female and two hot dragons. It made for a great menage that I enjoyed. One stubborn princess and two dragons that become her love slaves for life.

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