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055 Heather Snow WebsiteI’m thrilled to be visiting Romancing the Book! Jen was one of the first people to welcome me onto her blog last year when I was a debut author, and now that my third and final book in my debut series is on the shelves, it is very fitting that this be the last blog stop as the series comes to a close.

First, a little about me, in case we haven’t been introduced… I’m a sleep-deprived mother of two young boys, known affectionately on social media as The Heir and The Spare. I’m an avid reader…or at least I was before deadlines and diaper duty. Now I’m more of an avid listener—God bless audiobooks! I’m a cat person who somehow just got tricked into agreeing to get a dog this summer (rotten husband…and he said it in front of the boys, who are now over the moon. I would be an evil mommy to say no now…), and I write historical romance with heroines who put the blue in bluestocking, the men who love them and the mysteries they have to solve.

postcard-4inx6in-h-frontI thought it might be fun to play around with my smarty-pants heroines and pit them against each other in a Regency-era game of Jeopardy (Oh, the silly ideas we writers come up with). Since I am the writer, I get to choose the host and I’m going to choose Mr. Knightley, from Jane Austen’s Emma. And, of course, I’m going to choose the Jeremy Northam version of Mr. Knightley. Because I can. And because he’s SO swoon-worthy…

Jeremy_Northam-1-smallAnd now I shall let the delectable Mr. Knightley take it away…

MR. KNIGHTLEY:  Welcome to another episode of Jeopardy. Today we have a rather unconventional program, as our competitors all happen to be women. Have no fear, however, gentle viewer. Just because they are members of the fairer sex, we shall cut them no slack. Our game shall be just as challenging as you’ve come to expect, I assure you.

Our categories today are Chemistry, Medicinal Herbs, Mathematics, Art, and Mental Philosophy.

EMMA: I hardly think that is a fair distribution of categories.

MR. KNIGHTLEY: Pardon me, but I haven’t even had a chance to introduce you yet.

EMMA: (Looks impatient) I am Emma Wallingford—now Lady Scarsdale— heroine of Ms. Snow’s second book, Sweet Deception. Now, as I was saying, your choice of categories is not fair.

MR. KNIGHTLEY: How do you figure?

EMMA: Well, statistically speaking, three contestants competing with five categories naturally lends itself to an imbalance. Six categories would have a chance of being a more even competition…but that is neither here nor there. The finer point is that I am clearly at a disadvantage here.

MR. KNIGHTLEY: A disadvantage?

EMMA: Well, Liliana, the heroine from Sweet Enemy, is a chemist who is working towards creating medicines from plants. She clearly has the advantage in two categories.

MR. KNIGHTLEY: You don’t say…  (he says, as he eyes the chestnut haired beauty standing at the first podium with a new respect)

EMMA: (frowns). I do say…and I’m pretty certain I said it in English. Did you not hear me? (she shakes her head) Anyway, on the other hand we have Penelope, the heroine from Sweet Madness, who is not only is a brilliant artist, but who has spent the last two years studying maladies of the mind. Again, she has a clear advantage in two of the five categories. Whereas I only have the upper hand in mathematics. For fairness sake, I believe another category should be added.

MR. KNIGHTLEY: (looks to the blonde on the other side of Emma with interest before he turns back to the petite brunette who has challenged him.) I see you your point. What category would you have us add, then? To make the game more fair…

EMMA: (thinks for a moment) Crime statistics. I’ve immersed myself in them the past few years and daresay that would even the odds a bit.

MR. KNIGHTLEY:  (coughs) Crime statistics? What’s a nice young lady like you doing studying such a subject? For that matter (he glances at the other two women), maladies of the mind? Chemistry? Aren’t those subjects traditionally men’s pursuits, better left to—

(All three women shoot him glares that would have lit his pants on fire if the sparks in their eyes could burn true.)

LILIANA: I can’t speak for Emma or Penelope, but I for one am sick and tired of being told to keep my nose out of men’s pursuits. As if men alone have a brain worth educating. As if only men are capable of understanding complex scientific theory or making any worthy contribution to the world besides babies. (she snorts. Emma and Penelope nod their heads vigorously)

MR. KNIGHTLY: (clears his throat and raises his hands in surrender) Point taken. Let’s see… (he shuffles his cards nervously). Six categories then. Lady Stratford, by virtue of being the heroine of Heather Snow’s debut novel, Sweet Enemy, and therefore the first in the series, you go first.

LILIANA: (smiles) Chemistry for 100, please, Mr. Knightley…

(After a neck and neck battle, with questions flying fast and furious—some clearly above Mr. Knightley’s head, by the way—the game is tied going into the final round…)

MR. KNIGHTLEY: Now ladies, it has been a truly enlightening battle but it all comes down to this. The final question will decide our winner. But first, you must decide how many of your points you will wager…

(All three women write down a number and flip it over. As they flip over their boards a collective gasp greets them. All three have chosen to wager everything…true to themselves, it’s all or nothing.)

MR. KNIGHTLEY:  (blinks). Well, ladies, here it is. Each of you are women of science. Can you explain…love?

(Three pairs of eyes widen, as if a bit shocked at the question. But then brows furrow in concentration and they start scribbling furiously on their boards. After two minutes, Mr. Knightley clears his throat.)

MR. KNIGHTLEY: Time’s up, ladies. We shall answer in order of the books. Lady Stratford, your answer please, followed by Lady Scarsdale’s and finally Lady Bromwich’s.

LILIANA: I believe love is a chemical reaction. The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed forever. You just have to be careful when combining two unknown substances, such as Geoffrey and I were…sometimes you can start a reaction you can’t control…

EMMA: I believe love is a mathematical equation. You just have to manipulate it to suit your suitor. For example, the equation I used to snag Derick was simple, really. A + B + C = D². A = Accepting the business partnership I proposed.  That kept him close to me. B = Boyhood, or Derick rediscovering who he was before he’d become a spy—with my help, of course. I knew it was vital, in order for him to heal from the wounds I saw in his eyes. And he needed to heal properly before we could move into C = Courtship—me pursuing him or he pursuing me, whichever seemed the most natural when we got to that point. And finally D² = Derick, staying in Derbyshire. With me.

PENELOPE: (shaking her head) Love is passionate and courageous. It’s a willingness to look deep within your partner and more importantly, to strip yourself bare, to be able to expose what needs to be healed in both of you and to discover what is within each of you that can help make the other whole.

MR. KNIGHTLEY: (consults his answer cards, shuffling between them. After a few moments, he looks up) Ladies, it seems you are all correct. You see, each of you found the perfect true love for her, all by different methods and philosophies. That’s the beauty of love—it can be explained differently for each person. The important thing is that you’ve each found your happily-ever-after. And that makes you all winners.

I hope you enjoyed this fun taste of the science-savvy heroines of the Veiled Seduction series. Below are brief blurbs for each story, with links to excerpts from each of the books.


Sweet Enemy:

Beakers and ball gowns don’t mix, so when lady chemist, Miss Liliana Claremont, goes undercover as a husband-hunter to investigate Lord Geoffrey Wentworth, the earl whose family she suspects murdered her father, romance isn’t part of her formula. But it only takes one kiss to start a reaction she can’t control…

Read the Prologue and First Chapter HERE…

Sweet Deception:

Lady criminologist, Miss Emma Wallingford, unknowingly finds herself tangled up in the dangerous final mission of Lord Derick Aveline, a spy who also happens to be her long-lost first love. But when deception, however sweet, is the name of the game, no one can be trusted. And every love–and every life–is at risk.

Read the First Chapter HERE…

Sweet Madness:

Ever since her husband’s sudden and tragic death, Lady Penelope Bridgeman has dedicated herself to studying maladies of the mind, particularly those of soldiers returning from the Napoleonic Wars, but Gabriel Devereaux’s unpredictable episodes are like none she’s ever seen. Even though she knows the folly of loving a broken man, she can’t help herself from trying to save him, no matter the cost…

Read the Prologue and First Chapter HERE…

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Today, I’ll be happy to give away winner’s choice of one of the first two novels, Sweet Enemy or Sweet Deception, to a commenter today, print copy only—open internationally. Please answer for me: Now that my first series is coming to a close, what would you like to see next? Victorian CSI featuring lady scientists? Or Scandalous Widows who use their position in society to “fix” scandals for others, all while hiding their own scandalous secrets?

 * * * * *

Heather Snow is an award winning historical romance author with a degree in Chemistry who discovered she preferred creating chemistry on the page rather than in the lab. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two rambunctious boys and one very put upon cat. Mr. Snow has promised the boys a dog this summer. The cat is not happy.

The final book in her Veiled Seduction series, SWEET MADNESS, hit shelves April 2, 2013. RT Book Reviews Magazine gives it 4 ½ stars, saying “In this emotional, compassionate romance…the powerful love story will sweep readers away.”

Find out more at or connect with Heather at ,

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  1. I would love to see more Victorian CSI featuring lady scientists. We get to read very little of those and the whole concept with the mystery sounds so intriguing I think these would make great romances 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. may says:

    I would like to see the scandalous widows series. You already have your scientist in the first book… I love the first book btw.

  3. Karen H in NC says:

    Both are very different and would be a welcomed addition to my ever growing TBR shelves, but I think I’d really like to read about Scandalous Widows ‘fixing’ scandals. Sounds like a whole lot of fun with a lot of possible pitfalls along the way!

  4. Rita Wray says:

    They both sound good but I think I would like the Scandalous Widows. By the way I read Sweet Enemy, I loved it.

  5. Oh, no, guys! It’s tied two to two between Victorian CSI and Scandalous Widows! I see you are as torn as I am…

    If only I had time enough in the day to write both!

    Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinions 🙂

  6. CassandraG says:

    Couldn’t you have a Scandalous Widow who was a Victorian CSI, but she was a Victorian CSI before she came a Scandalous Widow?( through no fault of her own of course)

    • Great idea, Cassandra! I actually considered that, but in the end decided I didn’t want to cross the streams. I know…how very Ghostbusterish of me 😉

  7. Linda Mc says:

    Oh, the Scandolous Widows sounds wicked! I think that would be an awesome read, and likely very fun for you to write!

  8. BookLady says:

    I would love to read Victorian CSI featuring lady scientists. It is unique and would make an intriguing series. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. Martha Lawson says:

    I think the CSI with the lady scientists would be fun!! Thanks for the chance to win..

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  10. Marcy Shuler says:

    I’d love to see your take on Scandalous Widows, Heather. 🙂


  11. Filia Oktarina says:

    I think Victorian CSI featuring lady scientists. I usually love story with unique story.

  12. Crystal says:

    Oh my goodness I think either option would be a great read. I can’t decide between the two! I loved Sweet Madness 🙂

  13. Anita H. says:

    Congrats on finishing your debut series, Heather! While both of your new ideas sounds interesting, I have to say Victorian CSIs would be very unique as ladies of that era would hardly be thought of to have those jobs.

  14. Ada says:

    Oooh, Scandalous Widows sounds like it would have lots of juicy secrets to be revealed! Definitely would be interested in reading about those ladies.

  15. Janie McGaugh says:

    The Victorian CSI sounds good, but I’d go for either!
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

  16. JoAnne says:

    Victorian CSI featuring lady scientists would be my preference.
    I actually reviewed Sweet Enemy for RtB. I look forward to reading the others.

    jbcweiss AT sbcglobal dot net

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