Review: Sacred Secrets by Roxy Harte

Sacred Secrets by Roxy Harte
Series: Chronicles of Surrender (# 1)
Release Date: May 25, 2012
Publisher:   Ellora’s Cave
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Source:   book provided by the publisher for review

Celia sold herself in a bargain for rough play and a great story—not murder! Celia Brentwood, fetish reporter for San Francisco’s Inappropriate Voices, agrees to auction herself off as a BDSM slave for thirty days. She plans to write a first-person exposé, but after she’s purchased by Garrett Lawrence, the most eligible gay bachelor in town, her story becomes an insider peek at the man whose lover was brutally murdered five years ago. Garrett still mourns the loss of his beloved, but the past is hard to forget when it’s stalking him. The killer is obsessed with Garrett, and when Celia’s deception is discovered, the killer decides she’s the perfect route to his prey.


Review: Sacred Secrets is the first book in the Chronicles of Surrender by Roxy Harte. I chose this book because the summary peaked my interest. An undercover fetish reporter bought at a auction by a gay Dom. What could go wrong?

This book explores the darker side of the BDSM lifestyle. The subs or slaves dress and act like cats or dogs. They use human litter boxes. This got me. I get the dressing up and acting like either dogs or cats, but the human litter boxes or communal litter boxes? Ewww!

Celia is a undercover reporter wanting to write a story. She is auctioned off for thirty days to a Dom. She is frightened of everything around her. She has never participated in anything like this but yet she jumps head first into the role of Kitten. That seems a bit odd to me.

I did not like that she is repeatedly punished. Garrett does not spend the time to explain her role to her or his expectations. She is to only eat or drink form Garrett’s hand. This seemed to get her in a lot of trouble. The author did not get into her being fed. The only thing the author did go into was Garrett eating and Celia being ignored and not fed.

Garrett is a predominate gay Dom who is captivated by Celia and buys her at the auction. He is struggling to accept that he bought a female slave. He is also still recovering from his partner’s death. He gets death threats and now they are threatening Celia. I did not like that he does not share the threats with her. In addition, if Garrett is such a good Dom why did he keep forgetting Celia for hours at a time. The author does not go into him feeding her only him eating and forgetting her.

I did not like the ending. It was very confusing and Celia acted like a stalker. The sex in the book was vanilla there was no kinky sex. There did not seem to be any chemistry between Celia and Garrett.

I am not sure what would have made this story better other than a more attentive Dom and chemistry between Celia. The book did get my attention and I do want to know what happens next. I hope that the series gets better as it goes along.


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