Review: Rules for Engagements by Laura Briggs & Sarah Burgess

Rules for Engagements by Laura Briggs & Sarah Burgess
Series: The Regency Rules Series (# 1)
Release Date: April 16, 2012
Publisher:  self published
Pages: 219
Source:   book provided by the author for review

There are rules for everything in Regency London’s polite society…

Which is why a spirited and unattached gentleman’s daughter like Flora sees the value in penning a book of courtship rules in an attempt to escape the genteel poverty surrounding herself and her sister-little realizing the consequences of such a decision.

When Flora is forced to use her own little book–the rules for engagements, claim its ardent readers–in order to save a friend from the clutches of a fortune hunter, she places her own heart at stake…as well as her future.

Will she succeed? Or is there more to proper courtship than a book of Rules for Engagements?

Rewarded Honorable Mention in the 2011 Idahope Writers’ Fiction contest, comes a light-hearted Regency romance from the authors of Dear Miss Darcy. Threaded with inspirational themes and Austenesque style, it’s the first volume in an all-new trilogy.


Review: I chose this book because I love anything that has to do with writing and authors. That the book is a Historical Romance was a twist, because there were not many female authors in the “olden days”. It started out a bit slow for me, but by the time I reached the end, I was rooting for the hero and heroine.

Flora, a genteel young woman, needs to find a way to earn a living. There is no fortune to inherit, and unless she marries very well, she and her younger sister would have to depend on the kindness of her older brother. Flora decides to earn a living by penning a little book of ‘Advice for Young Ladies on the Subject of Proposals.’ She dare not put her name on it, however, or the ensuing scandal would be devastating to her and her family. So the author of this very popular little book is ‘Anonymous.’

For the most part, the story is told from Flora’s point of view. A young woman has set her sights on Roger, Flora’s childhood friend, and since she cannot tell him of Miss Harwick’s previous scandal, she decides to use the advice from her own book to win him away from her rival.

I do wish we could have had insight into the hero’s thoughts as well. The love story progresses very slowly, and there were times I wanted to knock Roger on the head and tell him to hurry up and profess his love to Flora.

This is a very sweet romance, however, and well worth the time I was in Flora’s world. I’m looking forward to the sequel about her younger sister, Marianne.

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