Review: Immortal Trust by Claire Ashgrove

Immortal Trust by Claire Ashgrove
Series: Curse of the Templars (# 3)
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher:   Tor Books
Pages: 449
Source:   book provided by the publisher for review

When archaeologist Chloe Broussard accepts the contract to lead a dig in Ornes, France, she has no idea she will uncover the Veil of Veronica. When she does, she discovers a danger far greater than the demonic presence stalking her at night. Azazel wants her, as well as the Veronica, and his chosen minion is her brother. Her hope lies with immortal Templar Knight Lucan. Her life depends on oaths she knows nothing about.

For countless centuries, Lucan of Seacourt has lived with the knowledge that his brother killed their family. Now, as Azazel’s darkness eats away at his soul, old betrayal stirs suspicion. He trusts no one. Not even the seraph who can heal his dying spirit.

With the fate of the Almighty hanging in the balance, Lucan must find faith in something more terrifying than the dark lord’s creations. He must learn to believe his heart.


Review: This book was awesome!

Ok – sure. When I first started reading it, the language of the hero (he’s got an almost medieval way of talking) caught me off guard and I was like “What the…?” I was ready to give up but clung to the hope that things would get better.

And things definitely got better!

You fall in love with these characters. Lucian is the classic Type A hero – tall, dark, sexy (unbelievable sexy) and protective. He knows what he wants and he lets nothing stop him to get it. He speaks in an archaic way and it is so sexy! Every time he says “Aye” you want to melt at his feet.

Chloe is an archaeologist who is loyal to her brother, hard working and a beauty (even though she doesn’t believe it). She had a previous bad break-up that holds her back from anything relating to a romantic relationship. Trust is her biggest issue and Lucian almost forces her from the start to trust him completely.

These two are fated to be with each other but only Lucian knows. He definitely has to work hard to get Chloe on his side but when he does – holy hot! Lucian is a gentleman in bed and Chloe is anything but a passive partner. Claire Ashgrove definitely can write a love scene.

I didn’t realize when I started this book that it was part of a series and there were no issues with reading it on its own. There are parts that seem to be part of a bigger picture but it’s easy enough to get the gist of it all.

I think my favorite part of this book was the historical background story. I am a huge history nerd and bringing in the Templars and the entire concept of the Veronica really made it interesting for me. Interesting enough to Google and spend way too much time reading various sites about it.

All in all, this is a great book that will keep your interest to the very end.