Review: Darius by Grace Burrowes

Darius by Grace Burrowes
Series: Lonely Lords (# 1)
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Publisher:   Sourcebooks
Pages: 384
Source:   book provided by NetGalley for review

With his beloved sister tainted by scandal, his widowed brother shattered by grief , and his funds cut off, Darius Lindsey sees no option but to sell himself—body and soul. Until the day he encounters lovely, beguiling Lady Vivian Longstreet, whose tenderness and understanding wrap his soul in a grace he knows he’ll never deserve…


Review: Oh. My. Word.

I have to be honest and I mean completely honest. Last time I picked up a Grace Burrowes book, I promptly put it down. It had a lot of references to sex in the first few pages and I just found it was not my cup of tea.

I’m so thrilled I gave her another try!

I’m literally stunned after reading this book. Darius is not your typical rake, scandal surrounds him, so he does the only thing he can think of doing. He sells his body in hopes to gain enough funds to support his sister for the Season. She’s surrounded by scandal as well and he knows she deserves a second chance.

Vivian married an older man. He’s set on protecting her in any way possible. He can’t sire a son, so he hires Darius. See where this is going?

Vivian is a terrified virgin, unsure of the ways of the world. While Darius knows the ins and outs of lovemaking and has no qualms about accepting money in order to help her gain a son. He tries to make it a business arrangement. Tries and fails.

As a reader you see this part building. It makes total sense right? He falls for her, and then all of a sudden the lovers are separated, and you are torn between loving the two men and people take sides–so not what happened.

Ms. Burrowes wrote this book in a very clever way. The relationship starts within the first few chapters leaving the reader to wonder what the heck she does with the rest of the story? I mean whats supposed to happen now?

The character of William, Lord Longstreet, who was Vivian’s husband, was so brilliantly done that a few times I had to stop reading and just applaud Ms. Burrowes for her brilliance. He knew Vivian would need someone to support her so he basically set up his wife, a woman he had great love for, with someone else, knowing they would be good for each other. In doing what he did, he not only helped Darius pull out of the dark hole he was in, but made him a better man.

I loved Darius. He wasn’t the typical, “I’m a rake and I love myself,” character. He was flawed but he knew he was flawed, he was more desperate than anything and I really appreciated how he grew as a character. His character wasn’t rushed, and I felt like I was able to grow with him as a reader.

Vivian was stable and wonderful. She didn’t annoy me. She didn’t make me want to throw my ereader against the wall. She was a typical female brought up in a mans world. I loved her fight and I loved her responses to Darius and how she loved him when he felt un-loveable.

This book dealt with a lot of heavy issues, many of which were so prevalent during that time. Authors often don’t write about women’s’ rights because I think it is a turn off for a lot of readers, but Ms. Burrowes did this beautifully. I commend her not only for writing an incredible love story that will stay with readers for a while, but for doing it so dang well.

Lots of sex. Some graphic. Minor swearing.
I would recommend this to ANYONE who loves a good historical and heart-wrenching story.