Review: Accidentally…Evil? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Accidentally…Evil? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Series: Accidentally Yours (# 3.5)
Release Date: April 30,2013
Publisher:  Forever Romance
Pages: 66
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review

The God of Male Virility Has Never Had a Date . . . Until Now

“Make no mistake, I am not the sort of god who enjoys playing games. When I return, you will tell me everything-who and what you are-then we shall spend the evening making love.”

When Maggie O’Hare hears those words she thinks she’s lost her mind. One minute she was traipsing around the Mayan jungle looking for her father’s excavation site; the next she’s accused of being immortal by a guy who swears he’s a god. And as for the making love part . . . well, the fact that it sounds like a very good idea is a sure sign she’s gone mad. But this guy who calls himself the God of Virility-he’s superhot. And every time he touches her, something crazy happens.

Backlum Chaam has waited seventy thousand years to meet the woman Fate has chosen for him, and now that she’s here, he can’t believe his luck. Maggie is brilliant and gorgeous and everything he could have dreamed of . . . except that she insists she’s human. But Chaam knows that’s impossible-a god could never love a human. And if he seduces one, their passion could have the power to destroy mankind . . .


Review: I really love the Accidentally Yours series. I just never know what will happen next.

When I read the other books Chaam was always the bad God. I was happy when I found out that the author was going to share a little about why he is the way he is. So you understand that he is doing the things he does for a reason and it’s not just because he is a big headed God and wants to rule the world.

Maggie is a pretty down to earth woman. Just your everyday person. I would be wondering why a guy that claims he is a guy would want something to do with me. I would say he only wants me for one thing and he will leave and I’ll never see him again.

I just want to say that I never knew what Chaam had went through. I just thought he was the ego maniac god that got involved with the bad side. Glad to see I was wrong, so I like him just a little bit more than I did. I loved how the author gave us the first chapter of the next book and a follow up of the last one.

If you want to know what happens you need to get the book and see. I’m not giving any details away.