Review: A Hard Day’s Knight by Cate Masters

A Hard Day’s Knight by Cate Masters
Series: 1Night Stand (# 87)
Release Date: February 9, 2012
Publisher:   Decadant Publishing Company LLC.
Pages: 37
Source:   book provided by the publisher for review

Some days, it’s best to lay low. Lance Knight finds out the hard way – when he encounters his longtime foe, witch Morgan le Fay, at Medieval Merriment. Her curse kept him wandering the world for centuries. When he also meets Gwyn McCartney there through a 1NS date, he’s struck by her resemblance to his true love, Guinevere. It gives him hope for the first time in centuries. First, he must face Morgan to break the curse, and he has only one hope: his sword, forged in the fires with Excalibur and imbued with magical powers by Merlin.

Gwyn McCartney’s had it with dating. Her friend’s setup through 1NS with Lance Knight irritates her, especially when Lance acts bored at Medieval Merriment – her employer and greatest fantasy. When a wench threatens Lance – a witch, he says – her fantasy world seems all too real. After Lance kisses her, she knows she has to battle Morgan le Fay. Can she free him, or will she lose him forever to the witch’s curse?


Review: This could have had the worst storyline and I probably would have still found something I liked about it as it dealt with one thing that I enjoy reading about. Camelot…ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

With a name like Lance Knight you can’t help but wonder if perchance he is related to Sir Lancelot. It just so turns out that he isn’t related but the real deal misplaced in the future. Oh…I sigh dreamily…if only. And with him comes (the witch) Morgan Le Fey. He is set up on a 1Night Stand by a friend with Gwyn. He is enchanted because she reminds him of his one true love Guinevere. Bored with the whole Medieval Merriment thing because after all he lived the real thing, he tries to enjoy himself with his date Gywn. Gywn who has given up in dating is reluctant to do this but because a friend asks it she decides to go along with it. She is irritated with Lance from the start because he seems bored with the whole medieval thing. This doesn’t help at all because Gywn works for the company and if truth be told this is her ultimate fantasy to live out the whole medieval scene. (Mine too! I think I was born there in another life.)

I enjoyed this story. The simplistic indifference between them you knew right from the start that there was going to be plenty of chemistry. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Lance is really Lancelot. With just one kiss Gywn is a goner. Personally I would be too. Who wouldn’t? With that kiss she knows in that instant that she must fight Morgan for Lance. How utterly romantic! I loved the positive energy/chemistry that Lance and Gwyn had along with the way he realizes that when he tells the truth about his past that is all that is really needed to break Morgan’s curse on him.

Just as Gywn was I was also a goner. I simply loved the new twist on an old and much loved classic.

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