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Today we welcome Kerri Williams as she celebrates her Moore Justice series.  Sit back and enjoy this character interview with Claire and Talon from the series.

Kerri: You both have been through so much. What our readers want to know about is, what do you love most about each other that keeps you fighting for love?

claire posterClaire: He likes my ass.

Talon: *laughs. True. I like her ass. But I also love her selflessness. It gets her into a lot of shit, but I’ll be there to pull her out until my last breath.

Claire: Okay, I love his ass too.

Kerri: I heard there might be a Private Investigative business opening up in conjunction with you guys, Frank and the crew. Is this true?

Claire: There are a lot of rumors in facebook, but I can honestly tell you there is definitely more to come.

Talon: That’s right. I just need some time with Claire to lay low. Really low.

Claire: Pg, Talon. Pg!

Kerri:  Claire, this question is more directed to you. There are fans of Clay and Ryan out there, both of which would have happily stepped in when Talon was gone from your life. You were tempted, we saw that. If things went differently, who would you have ended up with?

*Talon grips her hand* Claire: You know what I’ve learnt? That it doesn’t matter what happens to us, we always find a way to be together.  There have been three books written about us and every time it looks like we aren’t going to make it, love prevails. It is what it is.

copy of talonKerri:  Do you think Pete and Jim would be happy with your relationship, would they approve if they were alive?

Talon: Pete was like the father I always wanted and needed. He was proud of me and Claire before he passed and I think he would continue to be proud. I think he would have been at ease that we found love within each other.

Claire: Jimmy too. He was my brother and Talon’s best friend. I think he knew way before the night of the dance and I believe he pushed us together. Dad and Jimmy will always been looking over us with a smile.

Kerri:  You left us hanging with a Batman Diamond ring on your finger. Have you set a date?

*Both grin gazing at one another. Talon: We’re waiting for Prince Charming to finish his training. Little Clover has been teaching him a new trick and since he is part of the wedding party, the date has been held.

Claire: But it will be soon. Very soon.

Talon: Not soon enough.

* * * * *

Here’s a short teaser from book 2, Heart of Justice:

“Daniel Capper hasn’t turned up for work in over three weeks and no missing persons report has been filed because it wasn’t the first time he’s done this. His buddy’s on site says it’s more than likely not going to be his last.”

Claire felt the gentleness in Talons voice as he relayed the latest news on the investigation that hadn’t gotten anywhere despite her hopes. It had only been a couple of hours since they had a name to go on, but for some silly reason Claire thought it was the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Yet as she sat on the edge of her bed with her wet hair dangling over her shoulder and Talon crouched in front of her she realized that the day all this ended and she somewhat felt safe again was going to be the day they locked up Daniel Capper for life. The day where they didn’t have to look over their shoulder anymore would be the day the Volkov family had been put to an end and until she saw this elusive day, she would not rest no matter what the law, solicitors or Batman himself said. “Well, that’s that then, isn’t it.”

Talons brow rose, “what?”

“I had this ridiculous notion that we were going to start a new life together, but it’s not meant to be. I can see that now. I stupidly thought that to have Capper put away would be the end, but really it won’t, it’s pointless.”

“How can you say this? After today, after what you said, what I said. After…”

Claire lifted her head and saw the anger and desperation in Talon’s eyes. He almost had her right there, but in those deep, green eyes she saw what all her actions were doing to him and abruptly stood, almost knocking him over onto his rear as she paced to the other side of the room to put some space between them. For his own good. “For God’s sake Talon, I want your fucking mother dead. I want Daniel to lay there with her and rot for all the pain they’ve caused to me and the human race. I want to see this happen and then I want to never think of them again and I can’t do this with you by my side. I can’t do this with you loving me. It will kill you and then kill me.”

“Do you think I wanted this, either? Do you think I want to love you? Fucking hell, Claire,” He drove his fingers through his hair. “I have no God-damn choice in the matter. I love you even though it hurts like hell when you push me away. I love you even though you want my mother and family dead…” He sighed and his voice fell to a mere whisper at his next words and his eyes misted, “I love you even though I can see loathing toward me in your eyes and it kills me.”

The room was thrust into hard silence. Talon stood motionless, glaring at a woman he loved with all his heart and hated in the same breath for breaking his heart. She could read all these things in those cobalt eyes and knew without a doubt that there was no going back even if she wanted to.

“Talon…” she sighed feeling her stomach rise to her throat and then he was gone.

* * * * *

kerriMother, author, bookaholic, caffeine addict…caffeine.

Kerri is an Australian Multi-genre Author with a love for N/A YA, romance and suspense so it was no wonder this love spilled out onto the pages of her novels~TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW, NUDGING CUPID & THE MOORE JUSTICE TRILOGY (Hunger For Justice, Heart For Justice & Blood For Justice)

Kerri lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW (Australia) with the luxury of the lush country with its rolling green and golden hills and the coast with its sparkling sea and clean beaches at her doorstep. With such beauty readily available it made it easy to incorporated what Australia has to offer in her novels scenery. Jealous yet?
She has been writing on and off since she was sixteen when she met the love of her life-her dear husband, and between having two beautiful daughters known as the lollies, Kerri kept on writing with the dream of sharing her love for all things romance and suspense with other readers.

If you would like to find out more about Kerri and her latest goal, achievements and events- pop on over to her blog

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook


What’s next for Kerri?  I have almost finished my new YA novel based in Missouri Albany called Never Goodbye. It will be the first instalment to the Albany Boys Novels. I’m very excited for this one. I used my experience as a teen with Cancer finding love. It should be out before July this year.

You can add it to you ‘want to read’ list now @


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  1. Maria D. says:

    Kerri is a new to me author and I’m definitely going to have to check out this series – the character interview with Claire and Talon was very intriguing. Thanks for the giveaway

  2. Wendy says:

    Kerri’s books are amazing! I LOVE LOVE love The Moore Justice Trilogy! Talon and Claire keep you guessing, that’s for sure!

  3. Chris Bails says:

    These books sounds great. This is a new author for me. I love to read and love finding new authors to check out. Great covers and great excerpt. Definitely on my reading radar. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. erinf1 says:

    congrats to Kerri on the new release! Thanks for sharing! What was the most fun thing you’ve ever done to “research” your books?

    • probably getting the courage to approach a police officer for info. lol. I had to assure him I wasn’t going to totally put the force down.
      I as too scared to name the town near me where it was actually based in case they didnt turn up if i needed them. eeek

  5. Mary Preston says:

    Hi Kerri, going in did you know it was going to be a series, or did that reveal itself along the way?

  6. Meghan Mack says:

    Being an Australian author, do you find it hard to get a reader following? I LOVE Australian authors, I was just curious 🙂

    • Hi Meghan, it’s harder only because we are behind compared to the US wher N/A and Y/A novels are concerned as well as the e-book industry. It’s getting better and better every day though.
      I love my fans here, but I can tell from my blog that majority of my audience are from the US.
      Thank you America!!!

  7. sarah says:

    Great interview! Love hearing from the characters! I think I just found a new series to add to my TBR list

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    This seems like such a great read and I loved the excerpt. Also, good luck to the author for the release of Never Goodbye. Can’t wait to read these 🙂

  9. I’m so happy for you Kerri. You deserve so much success in your future. Now that I’ve seen the character interview and excerpt I really can’t put off reading your work any longer. Girl, what are you doing to me? Have you seen me talk about my TBR pile on BA? Lol

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