Review: Wytchfae – Runes by Flossie Benton Rogers

Wytchfae – Runes by Flossie Benton Rogers
Series: Wytchfae (# 1)
Release Date: October 17, 2012
Publisher:   Secret Cravings Publishing
Pages: 198
Source:   Publisher

A faery witch or Wytchfae, Kelly O’Day’s calling is to transition ghosts to their afterlife. She does a bang up job, despite an aversion to her organization’s red tape and regulations. When she falls for sexy Viking ghost Ingvar Hrothson, she breaks the biggest rule of all—the one against personal involvement.

Cursed over a thousand years ago to roam the earth as a restless spirit, Ingvar is hell bent on two things—save his sister and destroy the evil sorceress responsible for her death. He needs Kelly to help him go back in time. Hating all forms of dark power, he never dreamed he would be delightfully bewitched by a flesh and blood woman with magical powers.

Kelly and Ingvar battle sinister forces and multiple attempts on their lives. With their attraction approaching supernova, the couple must decide whether their romance of a lifetime is also worth fighting for.


Review: If you are looking for a book that includes adventure, paranormal, time travel, romance and descriptive writing, look no further. Wytchfae wraps this all in one package with a hot Viking to boot!!

Ingvar is a hot, fearless Viking warrior who was cursed to be a ghost. He is strong willed and stubborn, as any Viking would be. Set on the path vengeance to free his sister from evil and to cross over to afterlife. Ingvar has a strong dislike for anything of the “magic” type, meeting and seeking Kelly’s help goes against everything he stands for.

Kelly O’Day, a wytchfae who takes her job seriously. A good girl, seems happy in life. She is good at her job and is one to follow the rules. Until the day seem came in contact with Ingvar. Something about him made her spin and through her off balance. She defines the organization she work for and when she falls in love with Ingvar.

Wytchfae Runes is a wonderful read. Flossie Benton Rogers’ writing allows you to feel like you are piggy backing our couple on this ride. The transition between time and place is flawless. Kelly and Ingvar come together like magic. The authors way with words is amazing. For a 200 page story it packs a lot of everything you want in a good start to a series.