Review: Were Fever by Lia Slater

Were Fever by Lia Slater
Series: Were Legends (# 4)
Release Date: April 27, 2012
Publisher:   Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 23
Source:   Publisher

After suffering abuse from her husband, Alaura never thought she’d feel safe enough to let another man seduce her…let alone two virile Weres. Alone in a cave, cradled within the heat of a man she’d grown to love and a friend she’d learned to trust, Alaura can’t deny the intense need to be claimed by a wolf. Or two


Review: This is a short story that could be read in about an hour or so, if you’re looking for a quick read. I think that this book fulfills all of your needs when reading a erotic romance novel. The story is quick, there is a satisfying ending, and there is plenty of sex scenes.

Alaura is a woman who is a human and is traveling with a bunch of shifters who have super human abilities; anyone would feel out of her league with a bunch of supernatural beings. But Alaura is feeling even more so due to her abusive past. Shaw was drawn to her from the day he rescued her, but was careful not to scare her away from him. I liked how Alaura forced Shaw to make a move and take their feelings for each other to a less then platonic level.

Shaw was a very sensitive man that wanted to make Alaura happy. He felt protective of her and was willing to do what he could do to keep her safe from the elements, as well as unkind comments from other members of the pack. Shaw was also an alpha male, so don’t let the sensitivity throw you.

Then we need to talk about Hagan and how he fits into this whole situation. He was happy meeting Alaura’s needs at that moment, and having his own needs met at the same time. It wasn’t clear (at least to me), if he was going to be included in Alaura and Shaw’s relationship. I think if it would make Alaura happy, I think Shaw would be ok with her decision.