Review: The Rich Girls’ Club by HoneyB

The Rich Girls’ Club by HoneyB
Release Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 304
Source:  Publisher

When money isn’t enough for Brooks Kennedy, Morgan Childs, Storm Dangerfield, and Hope Andrews, the women decide to take over the governor’s house in…


California has never had a female governor and Morgan Childs is determined to change that with the help of her friends. Gathering the backing of the wealthiest women in California, she convinces her best friend, Brooks Kennedy, to run for governor.

Morgan’s campaign strategy is nontraditional, but she knows her plan to sexually blackmail each of Brooks’s opponents is virtually foolproof. Once she convinces the team of her tactics, they do whatever it takes to get incriminating evidence on Brooks’s opponents.

One by one each candidate is forced to withdraw from the governor’s race, and Morgan couldn’t be happier, until someone attempts to kill Brooks. With so many enemies, Brooks has no idea who wants her dead.

When a secret is revealed, Morgan feels betrayed and will stop at nothing to get revenge. Now, Brooks doesn’t know who to trust and the women stand to lose more than they bargained for.


Review: The Rich Girls’ Club by HoneyB has a great concept to the story line. When these women set their mind to it I don’t think there is anything they can not do! I really enjoyed watching these four women, Brooks Kennedy, Morgan Childs, Storm Dangerfield, and Hope Andrews put their plan into place for Brooks to become governor. They don’t let anything stand in their way and have no problem at all using their feminine wiles to get what they want either. They are more then willing to use their sensuality as a means to get the dirt they need. Brooks opponents don’t stand a chance against this group.

These women are a powerful force to reckoned with. They have no problem seducing the other candidates to get the goods on them to make them withdraw for the election. I really enjoyed watching how their plan was working out and what they were willing to do to get their way. We get to see some inside of how some political situations very well may work.

The friendship between these women is true sister type friendship. Even when something happens to threaten their friendship they are able to keep the bond together. I loved that nothing could break this group up. They were together through think and through thin no matter what happened. They are all strong women with spunk. I really liked the relationship between these women. I liked the idea of woman ready to kick butt and do what ever it took in order to get what they want.

Brooks Kennedy isn’t sure she is ready to take on the role of governor but she’s willing to give it a try for the girls. She is a strong believable type that seems like she would be a good fit for governor. She does have a few skeletons in her closet that she would rather not come out.

Morgan Childs the ring leader of the group has a secret that she isn’t ready to share with any of the other girls. This secret could put some doubt into their group.

This book is definitely an over 18 only book due to the context and language. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a good erotica story with a strong story line.


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