Review: The Holiday Hoax by Jennifer Probst

The Holiday Hoax by Jennifer Probst
Release Date: November 17, 2012
Publisher:   Wild Rose Press
Pages: 60
Source:   Publisher

Aidan Hunter is tired of city living and shallow women who only want to date him for his money and family legacy. Dubbed “The Pasta King” and named most eligible bachelor in New York City, he escapes to his cabin upstate to figure out what he wants. He hopes to meet a woman who will love him for who he is…but he never counted on a certain schoolteacher to throw his world into chaos.

Isabella Summers is shocked at the sexual attraction she feels for the rude worker on the Christmas tree farm. But when he shows up at a friend’s party and seeks her out, she finds she no longer wants to fight their attraction…but she never counted on love with a stranger carrying a secret.

Can love and truth triumph?



Review: I fell in love with Aidan immediately  Rich bad boy meets country Christmas Tree farm in hopes to escape the pressures of being the “Pasta Kings,” famous son. He’s the most sought after bachelor in New York and he’s sick of his lifestyle.

I probably wouldn’t have chosen a Christmas Tree farm, but it works. It makes him appear masculine and hard working, which is exactly what Isabella thinks when she first meets him. Sparks fly when she starts bartering with him to give her the Charlie Brown tree for a steal.

He gives it to her for free…

This story continues on in a similar fashion to most novellas. The characters can’t stop thinking about one another mainly b/c they are both HAWT. Wonder of all wonders they end up at the same party.

That’s all it takes for Isabella to realize she’s into Aidan, but Aidan has a secret…

For a novella it was actually put together quite nicely! It’s unfair to wish for a short story to be longer or to compare it to a full fledged novel. Given what it was, I thought Miss Probst did an excellent job with the character development. I loved the character of Aidan, I thought he was super masculine and a really great hero to root for. Isabella was the same way, she didn’t have the typical girly hormonal-like response when she figured out who he really was. I mean, she did, but it was brief and then she was over it. I can appreciate a female character who doesn’t automatically assume her life is over with the minute it hits the fan.

All in all a great little Christmas novella! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a brief read by the fire.




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  1. Patti P says:

    I like Jennifer Probst books but most times short stories just leave me disappointed. I am glad I read the review. I will pick this one up and just enjoy the ride. Short or long, a good love story by her is worth the time. Thanks!

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