Review: Snowed in with Montana Ranger by Jan Bowles

Snowed in with Montana Ranger by Jan Bowles
Series: All-American Heroes (# 1)
Release Date: April 11, 2012
Publisher:   Siren Publishing
Pages: 82
Source:   Author

When thirty-two-year-old Professor Brooke Johnson arrives in Glacier National Park, she’s there to do a job. After a bitter divorce, she’s certainly not looking for a relationship, especially with sexy Montana Ranger Travis McTeer, whose only interest is laying down the law–hard.

With two dangerous fugitives on the loose, thirty-six-year-old Travis is not about to take any chances, even if that means upsetting the beautiful yet prickly professor. On his watch, no one breaks the law.

Fate intervenes and throws these two opposites together. Now, it’s a battle against the elements and two desperate criminals intent on killing them. As they run for their lives in the worst snowstorm to hit Montana for a decade, will they learn to trust one another?

Will love flourish when they’re snowed in together?


Review: Snowed in with the Montana Ranger is the first book in the All-American Heroes series by Jan Bowles. I chose this book because I am a fan of Jan Bowles. I love how she brings such life and chemistry to her characters.

Brooke Johnson lost her first husband to her little sister. After a divorce she heads off to Montana for a research project. While she is there she meets Park Ranger Travis McTeer. Brooke does not want to get hurt again so she is very leery of getting involved with anyone. She is a very strong person. It takes a lot not to crumble when you go through what she did.

Travis is a Park Ranger at Glacier National park. Travis is attracted to Brooke from the moment they meet. While he enjoys his life the way it is, he realizes that Brooke is special.

Brooke and Travis work well together as they evade escaped criminals. I loved that they did not fall into bed together right away. It was very realistic that they tried to fight there attraction to each other. The chemistry between Travis and Brooke is off the charts in and out of the bedroom. I enjoyed how Brooke’s sister Ashleigh helped the characters be able to talk and deal with their trust issues.

I really liked this book. The only thing that would have made it better should have been for Brooke and her sister Ashleigh to come to a truce of some sort. This series has such promise I cannot wait for the next book in the series. I hope that we get to see more of Brooke and Travis as the series continues.